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Moreover, at the equivalent of $1200, the initial Find N price is cheaper than the Z Fold 3 despite having many of the best features and design achievements. Unless you import, of course, then the price will be higher.

First of all, Oppo Find N is a compact phone. Its 5.49″ FHD 988 x 1972 pixels external display is shorter and wider than the elongated panels of Samsung or Huawei foldables, so it’s easier to hold in the hand and carry around, to places you almost miss behind that it is thick. phone like all bent.

About the only problem we encountered with the phone’s cute footprint was that our index finger often managed to smudge the ultrawide lens at the bottom of the camera island when we perused the phone. with one hand, because it is small, and the camera equipment is getting big and interesting for the place on the back of today’s phones.

About unfurling the main 7.1 “WUSXGA 1792 × 1920 pixels Oppo Find N display, you are immediately greeted by the absence of the crease we have seen on other foldables. Oppo’s engineers have worked hard to fuse the garden panel is flexible with a hinge in such a way that the middle stretches very well when the phone is open, evening out the crease more than in other foldable phones we have tried so far away.

Oppo is the first foldable phone other than Samsung to employ ultrathin glass (UTG) cover for its foldable phone’s display, and the company says it’s only 0.03mm thick, enabling it to bend more than 200,000 times. no problem in creating first. test. Moreover, the Flexion Hinge and Serene Display combo is the first to have the TUV certificate from the required German law for bending, too. Here’s how Oppo describes the invisible architecture:

The S Pen digitizer and the front screen are about the special features where Find N gives way to Samsung’s foldable, because its external panel is bright, but refreshes at 60Hz speed, while Z Fold 3 is equipped with 120Hz external. Display. The short diagonal of Oppo’s second screen, however, suggests that it is meant for quick glances and responses on the go, not for hours of browsing, reading, or activity. For that, there is a big and bright inside display just open quickly.

Oppo Find N performance and interface

Powered by Snapdragon 888 processor, Find N is equipped with 8GB / 12GB RAM and 256 / 512GB storage model to keep you humming without interruption. As you can see in our tests below, it performs very well in synthetic models as can be expected from a modern phone with a 5nm chipset, but synthetic is only part of the story.

The marriage of hardware and software that Oppo has managed to achieve with its ColorOS Android overlay is one of the most successful out there, and every animation or app loading takes a fraction of a second. two and good in the process.

Oppo’s Color OS and Find N tailored for foldable interface

The ColorOS Android overlay of Oppo has improved leaps and bounds in the last few years, and is now one of the most-featured, smooth and good-looking phone interfaces out there. Find N ships with Android 11 on board, meaning you’re missing out on some ColorOS 12 products like floating windows but the update should not be far behind.

Moreover, Oppo shows its modern health with a foldable phone in Find N’s interface, and we have not talked about the different types of keyboard, from split to floating, which makes it easy to typing on the big screen inside. You can easily divide the main display into sections that provide different apps of your choice that populate the Sidebar which is an instant thumb flick away.

The multitasking window is resizable, too, so it’s up to you to decide what takes up most of the screen. Talk and use a calculator or edit photos, large files to do everything without squinting is one of the best foldables, and Find N Send.

Oppo Find N camera model is good

The first foldable phone from Oppo beat the Z Fold 3 when it comes to camera specs, starting with the 50MP vs 12MP main shooter, but not beating another bendy 2021 flagship, Huawei’s Mate X2. We took three of the best foldables money can buy for a circle around town and pitted their cameras against each other.

We leave the Find N camera in AI and it starts the HDR mode that produces warm colors and more colors that many people like in their photos, but together with different objects in contrast causing the image to be distorted compared to what our eyes see in front of us. of the lens.

Z Fold 3 produces images with still warm and saturated, but more toned down colors, while the Mate X2 fared the worst with cold and lifeless hues due to the peculiarities of its yellow sensor pixels.

The Oppo Find N has managed to capture more of the details, although the accuracy has been lost a little in low light, and has a slightly cleaner 2x zoom mode compared to the camera telephoto of the Z Fold 3. The camera is controversially the king of foldables. the phone, however, is still the Mate X2, because not only does it have a periscope camera with real 5x optical zoom for distant objects, but also a 3x telephoto camera that hits 2x units of Find N or Z Fold 3.

Special time-lapse video recording capabilities

When it comes to video, the phone is capable of up to 4K 60fps recording, and you can make time-lapse footage by installing the foldable in the computer, with its camera is not half used as a stabilizer instead of split. tripod.

There are free time-lapse models to choose from, too – street lighting, night, and day & cloud – which can be preset for the image processing algorithm to optimize depending on the situation at hand.

Oppo Find N battery life and charging time

The Find N and its 4500 mAh battery were compared with the Z Fold 3 in our benchmark test, both scoring around 8 hours, give or take. That’s a pretty good result in our book, but then again the screens are bigger than on a phone that has a more orthodox form, and consumes more energy. Reading, checking, or working on large displays, however, is worth every day compared to the day and a half charge compared to phones like, say, the S21 Ultra.

In terms of charging, the Oppo Find N can fill its 4500 mAh battery completely in an hour, while it takes 80 minutes for the Z Fold 3 to charge in a small room. Moreover, the fast Find N charger comes in the box, unlike the recent updates for many companies including what you will have lying around or lost in a drawer.

Oppo Find N is back

Overall, Oppo’s first foldable phone, Find N, makes the best first impression with its large space or “golden folding ratio” as the company calls it which makes it almost easy Go around as a Z Flip, and still give. many more.

The device’s excellent camera doesn’t translate images better than direct competitors Z Fold 3 or Mate X2 competitors, at least during the day, but the images come out good nonetheless however, like 4K video recording and time-lapse mode. The battery life and charging time of the Find N is excellent, unless you browse or play on the big screen for hours.

Above all the Find N virtues that we see in the course of this review, however, the main image with the best image and the most subtle face of the foldable phone so far, where the new tailored for multitasking ColorOS interface bright, productive, and fun.


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