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The promise of Android 13 is enough to get all Android users excited, but Oppo smartphone owners won’t have to wait to see if the next big update to the operating system is in store. The Find N is Oppo’s foldable flagship and already supports Android 13 Beta 1 for users in China while the Find X5 Pro supports the first beta worldwide.

Although it is very exciting to have the opportunity to test Android 13 Beta on a regular smartphone, Google presented the software update aimed at tablets and foldables at the company’s I / O keynote rain hmm. In particular, Find N was mentioned during the presentation and now the owners will be able to see how big it is for themselves.

Oppo Find N foldable smartphone showcases its folding display next to the text "Be a Leader Try Android 13 Beta 1."

Foldables are still new for smartphones, which is why the prospect of being able to try the Android 13 first Beta is very interesting. The bigger screen means more real estate is dedicated to multitasking which seems to be part of Google’s push in the new big update.

The Oppo Find N seems to be a good device to test Android 13 out of. It has been well reviewed and has already done a lot to improve the experience when users transition from using mobile phones to tablet hybrids, meaning it will should pair well with the features that Google has up its sleeve. Find X5 Pro, while not a tablet or foldable, is also a device to test with the Beta of, but it obviously will not be able to use the tablet / foldable optimizations.

The only downside to all of this is that, as mentioned above, Android 13 Beta 1 is only available on Find N in China. This limits the number of people who will be able to jump head first into the new features update, but the rest of the world will still be able to see something from the Find X5 Pro.

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