Oppo Find N2: December 2022 release on the card before the Reno9 series as leaked screenshots show specifications | Tech US News


Almost a year has passed since Oppo announced the Find N, a new trend in mobile phones. Although many OEMs have sought to follow Samsung with their foldable smartphones, the Find N is shorter than the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4. In fact, the Find N is only taller than the iPhone 13 mini. However, its wide form factor allows it to deliver a 7.1-inch display when displayed. This season. @UniverseIce Allegedly Find N2 will be lighter than its predecessor as well.

According to the leaked screenshots, it seems that Oppo has equipped the Find N2 with Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1, an upgrade from the Snapdragon 888 in the Find N. In addition, the screenshots show the OP55F1L1 with 12 GB of RAM, 256 GB of storage and MariSilicon X, Oppo’s custom image signal processor (ISP). As a result, the Find N2 should bridge the gap spec-wise between the Find X5 Pro and the optional Find X6 Pro.

Now, Oppo is expected to present the Find N2 in December, like before the Reno9 series. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that Oppo will release its new foldable smartphone outside of China, either. There is no indication from the pencil case that this would be the case. Instead, their example shows that the Find N2 will keep its leadership of the square-ish foldable image.


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