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OPPO Find N is hailed as a step forward in the design of the foldable phone, thanks to the size that leads to an increase in real estate compared to its main Samsung Galaxy Z Fold -series competitors. Rumors of its abandonment in favor of the clamshell form—a key factor in its success—have recently been debunked in a new leak.

This information refutes the opposing opinion that OPPO will release 2 new Find N-series devices together for both Z Fold4 and Flip4, and potential buyers of the former should in fact need more, just…better.

The best ideas Forum Forums have confirmed that there is access to the production and design of the prototype of the foldable product in the future, and they say that OPPO is mulling a change to leather or leather-like products like the rear panel finished in the second generation.

The original Find N had a glass back panel, with the display covered at a standard 60Hz refresh rate that clashed with the 120Hz spec of its LTPO screen. However, Digital Chat Station now intimates that this difference will be addressed in the second generation. The panels cannot be changed in size, although they are set to receive an upgrade as their Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 works at the top.

The Search ‘N2’ is also now said to solve its problems in the face of another important aspect as a daily driver, which is its weight. The inaugural foldable weight in a recognized inconsistent 275 grams; However, its current successor is believed to have been slimmed down to the level of performance standards (like the ~220g Find X5 Pro, supposedly).

Finally, “N2” is now allegedly in line for a battery upgrade, although not much of one: 4,520mAh, compared to 4,500mAh in Find N. However, Digital Chat Station seems to think this change is just enough to show. The future premium technology goes beyond the daily use that its predecessors would have fallen short.

Then again, these welcome tweaks aren’t likely to make the second-gen Find N any cheaper: the security one in Europe will still be good for customers over €1,000 (~US$996).


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