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Oppo Find X5 Pro: In Camera Get Sensor-Operated OIS And A Custom ISP In One Best

Find X5 Pro 02

Last week, Oppo launched its latest Android phone – Find X5 Pro (€1,299 / ~$1400) – and we just spent a few days using the phone in Barcelona during the Mobile World Congress 2022. Before we share our first thoughts, let’s give something. context. Oppo’s Find X series always delivers top-notch specs with a great design – for the price. It is popular in markets outside the US, and is similar to the OnePlus Pro line of flagships.

The original Find X featured a powerful camera and a less visible face. In 2020, the Find X2 Pro boasts a 5x periscope telephoto and a vegan leather back. Last year’s Find X3 Pro packed a mirror and a camera package integrated into the glass back. Which brings us to the Find X5 Pro. This new Android phone delivers a flexible display, an Oppo-designed ISP, and a ceramic back.

First, let’s take a quick tour in our Oppo Find X5 Pro unboxing video…

Design-wise, the Find X5 Pro benefits from its leader’s signature camera pod, which, instead of being a stand-alone unit like most flagships, is integrated into back Unlike the Find X3 Pro, which uses a glass back, the X5 Pro features a ceramic back (black or white), or a vegan leather back (blue). Similarly, the Find X5 Pro dropped last year’s square camera package for half of the trapezoid shape. It’s a special look.

Find X5 Pro 03
Oppo Find X5 Pro camera pod and ceramic back

The ceramic back gives the Find X5 Pro extra heft – and a better feel in the hand – while also behaving like a heat sink for better thermal management. Everything about the Find X5 Pro is one of the other Oppo and OnePlus design models: aluminum frame, power / lock key on the right, volume rocker on the left, SIM tray along the bottom edge, audio speaker, waterfall screen, and IP68 protection.

Oppo Finds X5 Pro’s Killer High Refresh Rate Display And Camera

Speaking of which, the Find X5 Pro packs a beautiful 6.7-inch 10-bit Quad HD+ second generation LTPO AMOLED panel with 1-120Hz refresh rate, HDR10+ support. It is very bright (1300 nits peak) and includes an optical fingerprint sensor. The bezels are slim all around and there is a punch hole in the left corner for the 32MP f/2.4 0.8-micron selfie camera (Sony IMX 709).

Find X5 Pro 06
Photography is where the Find X5 Pro really shines. The rear camera includes a 50MP f/1.7 1.0-micron main shooter (Sony IMX 766) with omni-directional PDAF and 3-axis sensor-shift plus 2-axis lens shift OIS, 50MP f/2.2 1.0- micron 110- degree ultrawide (Sony IMX 766) with omni-directional PDAF, and 13MP f/2.4 1.0-micron 2x telephoto with PDAF (no OIS). A custom 6nm ISP called MariSilicon X completes the package.

Oppo’s in-house ISP supports sensor fusion and creates great low-light photography and – especially – night photography. This, combined with the impressive technology, the glass components in the prime lens, and Hasselblad’s color research, makes for a fantastic setup. As you can see in our website photos, the camera performance is the best around, with low-light shots being particularly detailed.

Find X5 Pro model 12
Oppo Find X5 Pro main camera (start)

Find X5 Pro model 15
Oppo Find X5 Pro main camera (start)

Find X5 Pro model 06
Oppo Find X5 Pro main camera (start)

Find X5 Pro model 30
Oppo Find X5 Pro main camera (start)
Find X5 Pro model 10
Oppo Find X5 Pro selfie camera (portrait)

By using the same 50MP sensors for both the main shooter and ultrawide, and fusing sensor data from the 13MP telephoto, Find X5 Pro provides consistent color and accuracy across a variety of conditions. Beyond the trick OIS system and large pixel-binned sensors that benefit low performance, the 13-channel spectral sensor helps with color accuracy and the selfie camera’s RGBW pixel matrix improves sensitivity.

What’s missing here – especially for $1400 – is a more powerful phone (3x optical zoom or higher, with OIS), and 4K 60fps recording on the selfie camera (it’s now out of 1080p 30fps). Zooming is good up to 5x, but accuracy starts to drop quickly beyond that, so it seems odd that Oppo hasn’t carried over the 5x periscope telephoto from last year’s Find X2 Pro to last year’s Find X3 Pro and today’s Find X5 Prof.

Find X5 Pro model 08
Oppo Find X5 Pro ultrawide (auto)
Find X5 Pro model 26
Oppo Find X5 Pro telephoto (2x, auto)
Find X5 Pro model 05
Oppo Find X5 Pro telephoto (5x, auto)

Find X5 Pro Specs: A Good Goal

Spec-wise, the Find X5 Pro is a beast of a phone. In most markets, it is powered by Qualcomm’s powerful 4nm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor, but in China, it is also available with MediaTek’s new flagship SoC, the 4nm Dimensity 9000. Both chips feature integrated 5G modems, and both of Find X5 Pro. supporting sub-6GHz 5G across multiple international bands and carriers.

Look for the X5 Pro to come with 8 or 12GB of LPDDR5 RAM, and 256 or 512GB of UFS 3.1 storage – no microSD support. Other specs include WiFi 6E, Bluetooth 5.2, NFC, dual-band AGPS, and native hardware. It also boasts a 5000mAh battery with Oppo’s proprietary VOOC 80W wired fast charging and 50W (Qi-compatible) wireless fast charging, plus 10W reverse wireless charging.

Find X5 Pro 05

As you’d expect from a product these days, the Find X5 Pro feels smooth and responsive no matter what you’re doing. Clearly, performance is the best, but battery life has also been pretty good for us. The Find X5 Pro is running Oppo’s ColorOS v12.1 on top of Android 12, and while ColorOS isn’t nearly as sleek and lightweight as OnePlus’ OxygenOS, it still provides an excellent and rich user experience.

First Inspiration and Advanced Take-Aways: Oppo Find X5 Pro is a Head-Turner

Overall, we’re very happy with the Find X5 Pro. Like its predecessors, it’s shaping up to be one of our favorites of the year. It combines beautiful design, beautiful display, excellent camera, fast performance, and excellent battery to deliver the best experience. Sure, it’s expensive, but Oppo has always positioned the Find X series as a halo product, and the Find X5 Pro is no exception.

Find X5 Pro 01

If you live abroad, can afford its high price, want a flagship Android phone that’s a little different, don’t mind living with 2x telephoto and 1080p30 selfie video, Oppo Find X5 Pro is perfect so worth considering.


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