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the new flagship smartphone: OPPO Find X5 series

since launching its first mobile phone ‘smiley face’ in 2008, OPPO – the world’s leading manufacturer of smart products – is constantly searching to create beautiful innovations. innovation has since ranged from unique smartphones such as those folding, credit card-sized one designed by nendoto the evolution of the ColorOS operating system. There is a constant search for the best combination of beauty and performance – and the latest result is the Find X5 Series. the flagship mobile helps improve styling, reliability, battery technology and, overall, user experience.

to delve into the design of the OPPO Find X5 Series, designboom spoke with jingxuan chen, ID designer, and yidong wang, designer, who both form part of the OPPO design team.

OPPO Find X5 Series smartphone like curved ceramic design in space age style
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OPPO’s unique design DNA

the OPPO Find X5 Series is the meaning of the language created; it is the last thing on their mind. it exhibits a unique design DNA that is the result of years of evolution and refinement. a subtle yet visible curved unibody design, impressing the artwork for the product. by beauty alone, products entice users to hold, play, communicate, enjoy and capture time with.

the styling of the Find X3 Series and the new Find X5 Series is very similar,‘ began jingxuan chen, industrial designer of OPPO. ‘The original design of the Find X3 Series has been continuously refined to reflect a more integrated, integrated and future-oriented Find X5 Series.

OPPO Find X5 Series smartphone like curved ceramic design in space age style

The technology may be cool but the OPPO Find X5 Series is powerful. its futuristic look compared to the space age design language: a curved unibody design, seamless surface and colorless materials. the styling stretches far beyond this theme. it also reflects the mission of ‘Inspiration Ahead’ for the future.

The design language uses search space in its styling. the important words, however, are the design words that show OPPO’s idea about the future, which we see through romantic, sleek, minimalist and fun interpretations. we try to embody the vision of the future through our products. This is why the Find X5 Series looks beautiful with its curved design,‘ added the producer.

OPPO Find X5 Series smartphone like curved ceramic design in space age style

one of the main differences of the smartphone is its curved unibody. an organically-created, colored ceramic back panel seamlessly encases the design and is polished for an even more elegant effect. its design process even makes the minute ridges added to the surface to be comfortable and less secure to hold. The material works better than the glass used on the back of the Find X3 Series, improving the proof, impact and heat dissipation twice.

we decided to use ceramic on the back of the Find X5 Series as a product that meets OPPO’s high level of design better than glass. first, the curve is difficult to control in glass; it cannot be produced like in ceramic. Second, the features of the desire are more pure and clean in ceramic, especially once polished. only a set of assumptions is made,‘ explained jingxuan.

Ceramic back cover can be thinner than glass. it is also wear-proof and has twice as strong heat dissipation than glass. this benefits the temperature of the entire phone,‘ explained yidong wang, the designer of OPPO.

OPPO Find X5 Series smartphone like curved ceramic design in space age style

prominent, volcano-shaped camera positioning

the use of ceramic on the back also creates a clear view of it the main camera. its volcano-like form houses two main cameras on the left while lenses and sensors are placed on the right. a revolutionary four-axis polishing machine uses micron-level diamond powder to incrementally polish the edges for smoothly put the module with the body of the phone. The glass is then directly integrated with the ceramic finish. the happened looks fun, iconic and also understandable and functional for users.

The ceramic cover is finished using a CNC co-engraving machine. this is very clear because we have to control the size of the camera housing. This manufacturing process ensures that there are no gaps in the camera module either. We have directly joined the camera glass and ceramic together without it looking intrusive,‘ added Yidong Wang.

OPPO Find X5 Series smartphone like curved ceramic design in space age style

the designers of OPPO – spread across several teams in the manufacturing plant – modified the previous generation to create a new brand. its camera module plays an important role in this phenomenon: its building has the performance of a phone, is encased by a seamless combination of glass and curved ceramic, and appears in a the beauty is beautiful. from its technology through the futuristic design, OPPO Find X5 Series is a sleek, minimal and fun product for the future.


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