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OPPO Find X6 Pro Camera System

In recent years, with the quality of work in the image and the quality of the end product, OPPO Find Series has been approved by many customers. According to previous rumors, the new successor will be the Find X6 series.

According to the information, the Find X6 Pro camera will be equipped with a multi-camera module that has three 50-megapixel cameras. The first camera will be 1-inch Sony IMX989 (OIS), which will be combined with IMX890 (ultra-wide) + IMX890 supports 2.7x optical zoom and OIS. In addition, the camera system is also supplemented by a ToF sensor for depth perception.

OPPO Find X6 Pro Design Draft
OPPO Find X6 Pro Design Draft (unconfirmed)

In addition, the OPPO Find X6 Pro camera will be assisted by MariSilicon X, a 6nm image-specific NPU chip OEM’d by TSMC. MariSilicon X integrates OPPO’s self-developed, industry-leading image processing unit, which can support up to 20-bit image processing and Ultra HDR ultra dynamic range, with an image light ratio of up to 1,000,000:1, four times the performance of the current top. platform.

Do it well

In terms of design quality, Digital Forums also reported that the current model of Find X6 Pro (Glass / Ceramic version) has a thickness of 9.3xmm ±, and the thickness with the lens module is 14.xmm ± ; while the white leather version is 9.5mm ±, and the lens module is also 14.xmm ±. The weight and material are also very strong.



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