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Even in the third quarter of 2022, leaks about flagship smartphones destined for a 2023 release were springing in profusion. Some of the facts of these concerns OPPO”Find X6” series, which, as such, is painted as the successor to the existing Search X5 and X5 Pro.

The new information will show that the OEM intends to be on top of some of the recent ones with the X6 series. One of them, according to Digital Forums, is the increase of the 1.5K (or 1220p) display, which apparently is going to the next 1 Find X-series device, while the other will apparently be Experience more than 2K resolution.

Therefore, it will be appropriate for the project that previously could appear in the vanilla X6, with the previously reserved for the Pro variant. Meanwhile, another leaker who calls himself Digital Agent 007 on Weibo says that the first of them will use its screen using the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor, while the X6 Pro graduates to the top end SoC slot immediately succeeds at 8 Gen 2.

Both estimates are reasonable enough, given the precedent placed by the flagship X5 series and OPPO’s reputation for good food; In addition, the OEM never participated in the incredible number of 8+ Gen 1-powered smartphone launches of the flagship processor release.

Therefore, it will be interesting to see if the X6 with this process is retained because it is being designed to work with the next-gen MariSilicon X second chipset – it may be worth getting it some time against X6 Pro wants to pair. a 1-inch sensor with its top-end platform.

Moreover, if these leaks prove true, the OnePlus 11 and 11 Pro also stand to follow this pattern on their own release.

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