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Oppo’s first foldable device, the Find N, was very well received but unfortunately it never made it out of China. However, the company seems to have different plans this fall, if the latest rumors on the matter are to be believed.

Apparently Oppo is about to announce not one, but two phones in the coming weeks, and both will be sold worldwide, unlike the Find N. These will be called Find N Fold and Find N Flip, respectively. trademarked with the EU Intellectual Property Office.

Oppo Search N
Oppo Search N

The monikers pretty much show Oppo’s game here, which seems to ’emulate’ Samsung as much as possible. What remains to be seen is whether the Find N Fold will keep the Find N as much as the contract or if it will grow to fit the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 on it as well. As for the Find N Flip, well – it should compete with the Galaxy Z Flip4.

Oppo’s device will reportedly use the same chipset as Samsung’s latest and greatest, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1. Over in China, the Find N is very competitively priced, but no this indicates that Oppo will use the same strategy. with future models. Just stick around and we’ll tell you.

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