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Businesses running Oppo, Realme and Vivo in Australia also receive revenue from businesses called Konec Home and Konec Solutions which operate from the same office as Oppo while competing with carriers which Oppo is selling their smartphones for.

Konec Home is a competitor to the likes of Vodafone, Boost and Optus as well as Harvey Norman who sells Optus plans, no press release on this deal has been sent to mainstream media such as like EFTM, Gadetguy or SmartHouse.

A visit to Konec’s website claims that their mobile business operates on Telstra’s 5G, 4G and 3G mobile network and provides a 5G coverage footprint of at least 75% of Australians. On June 30th, 2022, Konec Solutions was established. raised last year, generated $420,275 in revenue for a business called OPCA Holdings Pty Ltd which also claims revenue from Realme attacks and appears to be an important part of the business that distributes Oppo mobile phone in Australia.

Planning 45GB on Konec’s home website costs $60 for 45GB of data and $35 for $42GB you can buy 25GB for $22 a month.

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Konec Mobile’s phone package is priced at $199 and includes the OPPO A57s and the Konec Mobile Essential SIM plan.

The company claims that with a retail price of $349 AUD, the OPPO A57s is a large battery, bright phone with two rear AI cameras, loud ultra-linear stereo speakers, and stylish, shimmering Glow Design body. Get it as part of Konec Mobile’s phone package, and you’ll get $374 of the price for $199 – a savings of $175 over buying the same phone and plan separately.

The management of OMC Electronics and OPCA Holdings who are the beneficiaries of the revenue from the Konec operation did not say why they felt the need to set up a business that competes with their customers for Oppo, Realme and Vivo smartphones in Australia.

On LinkedIn Kevin Cho lists himself as the Board Member of OMC Electronics and the founder of Konec, however the financial statements for the business do not list Cho with the director of OPC Electronics listed as Yuchen Hou, Chao Duan, Yanfeng Zhao Yunzhi Lin and Thanh Dai M. Tran (Michael Tran) as he likes to call.

Now Konec plans and smartphones are sold at Big W.

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