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Promotion: the latest phone in the world of smart devices brand OPPO’s Reno series features a back made of a piece of Gorilla glass.

After carefully analyzing how users hold and interact with their phones, the design team at OPPO focused on the idea of ​​creating a device that is “uninterrupted” with the cover is inconsistent.

The result is Reno8 Pro – a smartphone with a back made of Gorilla Glass.

Picture of the construction of OPPO's Reno series
OPPO’s Reno8 Pro features a nice back made of a glass

In many smartphone designs, the use of a glass back cover means that separate parts are required to create the area that houses the camera module.

Covers made of two materials are often caused by dust build up around the shared parts, while the rapid change between the two materials can be uncomfortable for users who support the tools with their fingers on the back when used.

The Reno8 Pro’s back features a 75-degree arc that connects the camera module with the back.

“It should feel like the camera module is floating through the water, like the ripples on the surface are stable when the smartphone is about to leave the body of water but still connected with it,” explains the Reno8 Design team. .

Guided by these poetic images, the design team used the golden ratio to describe the camera area, leading to the main lens that appears on the left side of the Reno8 Pro’s back.

Photo of OPPO employee designing the phone cover
The design team of OPPO has decided to focus on the idea of ​​creating a device that is “uninterrupted”.

The smooth arc is designed to fit the curvature of the user’s fingertips, making it easier to hold while also keeping the phone dust-free.

To make the cover, the glass has undergone a process of hot forging that reaches 800 celcius in a temperature of 120 kilograms.

Photo of the process that will make the phone OPPO
The glass has undergone a high temperature forging process that reaches up to 800 celcius in temperature

The glass is shaped using a mold that is placed in a three-step, half-day polishing process while an additional eight nanometer-scale polishing step is performed directly on the glass to remove unwanted particles. get textures or areas of unevenness.

Both the front and the back of the glass are polished to a high level of accuracy until the glass back cover looks good and smooth.

The Reno8 Pro features a small bevel-cut design on its mid-frame that reduces the need to sharpen when holding the phone while maintaining the right angle.

The process of how OPPO phones are made
The glass is shaped using a mold that is put into a three-step, half-day polishing process

Precisely calculated curves in the bottom cover the vertices take their inspiration from an arithmetic, against the balance of geometrical rhythm and visual beauty.

In addition, the innovation of the internal configuration of the phone has enabled the engineers to reduce the thickness of the phone to only about 7.34 millimeters, making it a thin phone. thin Reno series still.

Reno8 Pro is available in two color finishes that reflect the porcelain glaze process – a green and traditional black.

For more information about the Reno8 Pro, visit the OPPO website.

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