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Oppo today announced the launch of Enco Air2 Pro, wireless earbuds featuring 12.4mm titanized diaphragm drivers, a custom-made large rear sound box and Enco Live-bass tuning for deep bass, capable switch to different musical genres. Enco Air2 Pro is also equipped with Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), capable of interrupting and canceling noise at various frequencies. In addition, thanks to the installation with dual microphones and AI noise cancellation process, they guarantee a better sound during calls, and support Transparency Mode: a function that allows you to hear the sound and move around the environment without removing the earphones, be careful especially when moving.

Thanks to the purpose of the new curved design, the ergonomics of the device have been further improved compared to the previous version. This special configuration allows the headphones from the case to 77% of their space, compared to the traditional 50%, making it easier to hold and make them easier to remove. Finally, the headphones boast an aerodynamic design to increase comfort and reduce fatigue due to prolonged use and, thanks to IP54 certification for water and dust, they can be used during the training time. The battery life in these new headphones can guarantee up to 7 hours of use and with a charging case, you reach 28 hours of uninterrupted listening. In addition, Enco Air2 Pro supports Oppo’s charging technology, which only takes 10 minutes, allowing you to get a total of 2 hours back.

In terms of connectivity, however, the OPPO Enco Air2 Pro is equipped with a low latency binaural 5.2 Bluetooth connection. In addition, the headset is designed to determine the low latency mode during playback: this feature can provide users with an end-to-end latency of 94 ms, improving the problem synchronization of audio and video and reduce the loss. connection. Finally, Enco Air2 Pro is equipped with smart controls, such as double-tapping the earpiece to take photos. The headphones are available in white, at €79.99.


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