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With the Chinese tech company’s latest phone, the Reno8 Pro, they’ve achieved a mid-range device that’s capable of contending with the best phones on the market.

As others have said, it feels big in your hand, but it’s small at the same time because it’s thick.

Glasgow Times:

His weight may also be factored into the bracket. It is only 183g.

Regarding the beauty of the phone, its glossy finish is slick. It looks classy yet has its modern challenges of a smartphone at the same time.

Although it may not be a premium price, like the iPhone 14, it definitely gives an impression of its appearance.

An important downside of its glossy quality, however, is that, when it will not strictly matter, it is deceptively slippery when held in your hand or in your pocket. For the uninitiated like myself, that may not be ideal.

Its screen is impressive. From 6.7”, the AMOLED screen is great for watching movies, as well as playing mobile games. Reading through its stats, it boasts a massive 93.4 percent screen-to-body ratio.

Glasgow Times:

Its shine looks good and is easy to change if needed, especially at night.

It can charge very quickly, which is the best for all mobile phone users in 2022. Depending on how much you use it, the battery can last for a day on one time too.

After reading for some additional information, there is no wireless charging capability at this time. It’s definitely not a reason not to buy this phone, however, most smartphones have a place these days.

Undoubtedly the main attraction with this phone is the camera. If taking photos and videos is your thing, you won’t regret picking up the Reno8 Pro.

Glasgow Times:

Invited to use the phone at Rangers’ recent game against Ajax in the Champions League, I used the camera first hand.

Oppo recently became a sponsor of UEFA’s elite football competition.

So, outside Ibrox and inside the stadium I used the 4K Ultra HDR Video function and the 50Mp main lens. It also has an 8Mp ultrawide lens and a 2Mp macro lens.

The colors are very vibrant in the images captured by the main camera. This is highlighted in the photo of the red flames coming out of the Ajax fans after they scored in their 3-1 win.

In addition, I took videos during the game and caught Rangers’ penalties on the camera using 4K quality at my fingertips.

Glasgow Times:

The camera also works very well during the day. I captured some beautiful shots around Strathclyde Park in Lanarkshire too.

Along with the equipment, I was kindly provided with a water bottle, a warm hat and a life bag.

Overall, this phone is fun and easy to use, nice looking and top drawer for its camera setup. With 256GB of storage, there’s plenty of room for social media apps, Netflix, Disney+ or even your favorite games.

Oppo Reno8 Pro from £599.

As Christmas approaches, this could be the perfect gift for that special someone in your life who needs a new phone without having to remortgage your home.


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