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Oppo has announced that its new flagship phone will be launched in Europe earlier this month.

Oppo has announced that the Reno8 series of premium phones will be launched in Europe on August 31, and will apparently have a particularly powerful low-light photography capability.

That’s because the new series will feature Oppo’s own image Neural Processing Unit (NPU), MariSiliconX, which is intended to help clear pictures and videos even in difficult conditions.

This NPU has already been a star in the manufacturer’s flagship phone, the Oppo Find X5 Pro, and it can provide 18 TOPS of processing power and 11.6 TOPS per watt of operating power, providing 20 times faster than 4K AI compared to what is delivered by NPU in Oppo Find X3 Pro without battery life.

This NPU works on 4K AI real-time processing and 20-bit HDR fusion in RAW at the pixel level, allowing it to produce images with 8db signal-to-noise ratio, and it is also able to deliver get 8.6db improvement in signal-to-noise ratio. ratio and 1.7x improvement in texture thanks to its RGBW sensor, which allows the separation and fusion of RGB and White signals.

Oppo MariSilicon X

We described the Oppo Find X5 Pro (which launched earlier this year) as “one of the best phones around” in our four-star review, and so we hope it will. many good things from the brand when its new phone is announced; A few negatives that we see are the back panel, its camera zoom is not good, and its software is not satisfactory, so we hope that these problems will be solved though in the middle class with this new tool.

In addition to this new line of smartphones, the brand will also announce some IoT products, including the Oppo Pad Air – its first tablet – at the same time.

Oppo Reno8 series launch will take place in Paris and live on Oppo Europe’s official YouTube channel, starting at 1.30 pm BST on August 31.


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