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When companies like Samsung and Apple just arrived at 30W fast charging, the Chinese company has released phones with 120W fast charging, and even a few with 150W charging. Now based on recent leaks from The Digital Forum on Weibo, OPPO is planning to create a smartphone with 240W fast charging supported by first quarter of 2023.

The company announced the 150W SUPERVOOC UAS and those 240W SUPERVOOC UAS technologies at the 2022 Mobile World Congress event. The OnePlus 10T even got 150W SuperVOOC charging technology when it launched earlier this year, although we have yet to see a phone with 240W SuperVOOC technology.

Due to the growing demand for the best solutions in the era of 5G smart connectivity, OPPO has continued to push the limits of high power and launched the 240W SUPERVOOC. This new technology can charge a 4500mAh battery to 100% in 9 minutes.

– Oppo Press Release

Oppo’s 150W fast charging uses two pumps, which is essentially a DC-to-DC converter to achieve higher. The 240W SUPERVOOC tech on the other hand is used by three pumps, usually there will be 80W (10V / 24A) on each channel.

Battery Health vs Charge Cycles

240W SUPERVOOC is designed with 24V/10A technology via Type-C interface. It boasts three pumps and the power supply for the handsets can be changed to 10V / 24A. It follows the existing special equipment and has been tested in terms of heat dissipation, guaranteeing optimal efficiency and enhanced security. In addition, the battery’s output rating allows the device to support a maximum of 240W.

Other Chinese companies are not holding back, either Xiaomi Recently launched Redmi Note 12 Discovery Edition with 210W fast charging. While the 210W seems much lower than Oppo’s upcoming 240W charge, the 0-100 charging time will not be much different even if the Redmi Note 12 Discovery Edition maintains its battery under 9 minutes.


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