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OPPO has revealed a record Inspirational play as our witness story of the best game in the UEFA Champions League. The smartphone brand has held a global campaign to vote for the competition of the three motivational games of all time. This was followed by actually finding people who saw the game at the time, then interviewing them and finally bringing the stories of inspiration to everyone.

As part of the “Inspirational Games” campaign, OPPO believes that these stories inspire conversations between strangers and unite football fans. In addition, it renewed the passion for the game to inspire many people around the world. MARKETING-INTERACTIVE contacted OPPO for more information on the campaign.

Nam Kunn, an artist and photographer in Paris, explains that going to the stadium to watch a game always creates one of the best memories. “Football always has the best attitude and never lets you down,” he said. As a supporter of PSG since 2000, Nam is a field photographer who happens to witness 4-0 during the first leg between Paris Saint-Germain and Barcelona, ​​​​and history 1-6 during the second time.

As Nam puts it, sponsoring a club is more than just a logo or shirt. It describes your values, thoughts, and life. Through his love for football, Nam was inspired to start a project to document the most exciting moments of his travels, which include fashion, photography, and of course football. For him, football is a sport about leadership. Sports for everyone to connect and share their passion.

Tonín el Torero, a hardcore fan who holds others as the owner of a famous restaurant in Madrid, remembers the time the fans went wild when their team scored a great goal. That memory is a perfect illustration of a community coming together to embrace joy and hope, he said.

Meanwhile, a blind fan named Mike Ferney did not let his illness affect his passion for football and Liverpool which started from childhood and has continued to this day. Even though the blind life is difficult at times, Liverpool’s victory in Istanbul made him sad at the age of 13. There he learned the life lesson “never give up, ” and Ferney explained that it was his biggest at Istanbul 2005.

“It was us worthless against one of the best teams in Europe,” Ferney said, still recalling the feeling of effort when recounting the story, “It could be easy to roll and give up, but they did. And I think for a short time, then things happened to help me believe that, even if it is football, it can be tied to the road teach life,” he added. For Ferney, inspiration also means never giving up on her passion for life and inspiring more people with her story.

OPPO has been exploring more ways for people to enjoy sports under the motto “Inspiration Ahead”. Especially technology services for people like Ferney who have vision or other disabilities to have more inspiration in their lives. For example, Color Vision Enhancement Technology, which was presented on the OPPO Find X3 series, was designed to improve the ability to identify colors for people who suffer from color vision deficiency.

OPPO Research Institute Innovation Accelerator, which has announced a focus on technology, aims to turn world-changing ideas into reality. Among the recommendations, ideas such as solving problems for the blind and special telephone numbers for the hearing impaired have been raised.


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