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OPPO buys Land Commercial 240W SuperVOOC

Recently, Digital Forum reported that OPPO will launch a commercial 240W SuperVOOC charging technology in Q1 next year, which will be the industry’s fastest charging power, called “unprecedented”.

OPPO buys Land Commercial 240W SuperVOOC

Eight months ago, at MWC2022, OPPO introduced the flash charging technology to the public. According to the instructions, OPPO 240W SuperVOOC charge using a more universal USB-C charger, the output is 24V / 10A, from the two pumps directly to the output of the two battery pack.

OPPO 240W Charging Demonstration

After entering the phone, the power is converted into 10V / 24A for high-voltage direct charging by the pump, and the new generation of battery cells support more charging, with a cell current of up to 12A. With 240W SuperVOOC Charge, a phone with an equivalent 4500mAh battery can be charged to 100% in 9 minutes. (Note: Redmi Note12 Pro+ is 4300mAh, 210W charging power, 100% in 9 minutes.)

In terms of safety, OPPO has treated the USB-C connector with low impedance to reduce resistance and use a thick core to allow high current transmission. The E-Marker encryption chip is also installed in the terminal, and the encryption process eliminates security risks such as hacked firmware.

According to the law, the 240W super flash is charged by the power adapter, cable, and five layers of security on the mobile phone terminal, the phone is equipped with 13 temperature and cold sensors, and special designed customized smart control chip all line voltage control and flow control temperature, provide full of security.

Currently, OPPO belongs to the OPPO / Realme / OnePlus system and has marketed 150W flash charging, the relevant models are Realme GT Neo3, OnePlus Ace, OnePlus Ace Pro, etc., 240W flash charging technology can be used for above. – state the structure of the iteration version.



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