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OPPO has announced the Reno8 and 8 Pro for the European market, thus presenting their AMOLED display and the less visible Dimensity 1300 and Dimensity 8100-MAX (complete with series-first MariSilicon X co-processor ) accordingly. They start at €599.90 (~US$597) or €799.90 (~US$797) for the 8GB RAM/256GB internal storage model.

Accordingly, both smartphones will be welcome additions to the low-end market of devices with their new MediaTek chipsets. Unfortunately for them, OPPO had other things to say during their launch that could detract from their reveal a bit.

OPPO has maintained its excellent record of quality with every new phone it sells, despite how many other mobile phone OEMs have abandoned the practice. The company’s vice president of sales and overseas services, Billy Zhang, announced that this is no longer the case during its European product launch, however .

The change will not affect all lines and series currently released by OPPO; However, it is clear that the rest will not have a power brick as standard from 2023 onwards, even if they need SuperVOOC technology specifically for their premium payment things that tend to evolve from year to year.

In fact, Zhang indicated that customers affected by these changes will have to buy new chargers based on OPPO’s global sales capacity (which has historically been poor)”interesting“in the next few years.

Therefore, this update will be good for the OEM’s reputation around, but less for the fans of its smartphones – and also, perhaps, those of OnePlus as well.

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