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Oppo is starting to expand its portfolio into the smart home. The Chinese brand has announced the Oppo Sweeping Robot N3 smart vacuum cleaner with a mopper function. It features a suction power meter, and it sells for about $275 in China, which is part of the Roborock Q7 Max with the same capacity.

Oppo Sweeping Robot N3 comes with a mopper that uses sound waves. According to the company, the motor in the vacuum cleaner makes 12,000 vibrations per minute that makes a good cleaning and removes skin stains from leather and floors.

Oppo Robot N3’s powerful absorbing feature

Besides the oscillating mop, the robot vacuum itself boasts 4000 Pa suction power. This is a similar review to the recent Xiaomi All-in-One 1S washing machine and slightly lower than the premium Roborock Q7 Max Plus review here on NextPit. In addition, the power of absorbing water makes it suitable for cleaning carpets.

There are also systems of Lidar or laser-based sensors used in the analysis and prevention of disturbances. Oppo says its vacuum can detect up to 10 meters. At the same time, Robot N3 can create 3D maps where users can edit and add items or furniture in the area with smart scheduling.

Oppo Sweeping Robot N3 vacuum cleaner and mopper

Oppo Sweeping Robot N3 features 160ml water tank and 450ml dust tank / © Oppo

Oppo Robot N3: battery life and price

Although currently available in China, the Sweeping Robot N3 supports voice recognition through Oppo’s AI assistance. It can be connected to smart hubs as well and to the routine or other smart home devices. In addition, the robot washing machine can clean up to 280 sq. meters of one price.

Oppo did not mention if they will release the budget vacuum cleaner in other regions. OPPO Sweeping Robot N3 sells for around 1999 CNY or about $275 USD. Unfortunately, only the charging dock is bundled with the vacuum cleaner. It is not clear if automatic parking for dust collection will be introduced in the future.


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