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As an avid globetrotter, you know that having a curated and organized place in your luggage for every essential item is critical to traveling with ease. You have packing cubes for your clothes, a compartment for your shoes and a toiletry bag strategically placed.

But sometimes, jewelry can become an afterthought, tossed in a spare pocket of your purse or rolled up in a bulky organizer. So when you go to pick up a necklace, you instead find a mess of knotted and twisted chains and spend the next 10 minutes untangling them (not exactly how you want to spend your time on your trip).

That’s where a packable jewelry box can save the day (and your sanity). There are a number of options to choose from, but luckily, Oprah made our selection process a lot easier by sharing a beautiful selection in her Oprah’s Favorite Things 2022: Benevolence LA Travel Jewelry Organizer. Oh, and did we mention it’s only $20?


To buy: amazon.com, $20

This elegant jewelry box measures 3.75 inches by 3.75 inches, making it the perfect compact size to fit in any luggage or even a small carry-on. The zippered case features multiple storage spaces, including three necklace hooks, three bracelet compartments, and seven slots for rings or earrings. Plus, it has a divider (which also helps manage tangles or tangles) equipped with a small mirror. You can buy the celebrity-loved organizer is available in nine different shades of velvet on Amazon, including cyan, dusty pink and emerald.

Buyers rave about the jewelry organizer (seriously, it has 5,300 five-star ratings on Amazon). “I love this little jewelry box because it keeps everything separate and in perfect order. It’s small but is divided to hold multiple items so it doesn’t get tangled or broken,” wrote one buyer, adding, “It’s attractive and [small enough to] they fit in the corner of a suitcase”.


To buy: amazon.com, $25

Another reviewer shared how it compares to other organizers on the market: “Cute, packable, secure. Less weight than the traditional jewelry roller. I often use a laundry bag and it fits easily in the top corner squares. You can pack a lot in here too “.

Several people also comment on the value. “For the price, I’m very impressed with how good this is. The velvet is a beautiful deep green, the zipper is sturdy, and overall the box has a quality feel to it,” said one buyer.

So whether you’re looking for a stylish and functional holiday gift or looking to add a little more ease to your own travels, this $20 Oprah-approved option is a fabulous choice.


To buy: amazon.com, $25

At the time of publication, the price started at $20.

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