Orchard Park’s travel ban expires, but travel bans remain in place in South Buffalo, Lackawanna, Hamburg and other hard-hit municipalities. | Tech US News


While most of the lake effect snow is falling in Erie County, cleanup continues and many travel bans remain in the hardest-hit municipalities.

Orchard Park police announced Sunday night that the city’s driving ban would end at midnight. However, the city of Lackawanna, part of the city of Buffalo (south of William Street), and the cities of Hamburg and Evans remain under a driving ban until further notice.

Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz said Sunday that he expects those driving bans could be lifted in the next 24 to 48 hours. As of Sunday evening, he said, Lakeview and Old Lakeshore Roads and immediate Hamburg neighborhoods are open, but other neighborhoods still need work.

The rest of Erie County is under a travel advisory.

Digging in Hamburg

A front loader tries to help a stuck plow at Parkwood Common in Hamburg on Sunday, November 20, 2022.

Photo provided

City officials are urging residents to follow travel restrictions to avoid additional blocked roads due to accidents or stranded vehicles.

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Following the restrictions also helps snow removal crews, tow trucks and first responders complete their jobs.

In addition, teams need to clear the roads in the most affected areas for snow removal.

Peter Anderson, a spokesman for Poloncarz, said crews are shoveling snow at SUNY Erie Community College’s South Campus in the Southtowns and the city’s Outer Harbor.

“Elevated lifts and dump trucks are the order of the day,” he said, “as this record snow compacts, it becomes too heavy for the plows to move.”

For additional information, read: Erie County Storm Update: Attention Turns To Side Streets; school openings under review; road closures


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