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Having to sit upright for an extended period of time during a flight, train ride, or road trip is downright uncomfortable. And, no matter how many times you try to shift positions or lean against the window, tray table, or armrest, it can seem impossible to close your eyes. Well, that was before the Ostrichpillow Mini Handy Pillow, an innovative travel pillow that lets you nap virtually anywhere with its portable, portable design.

Recently earning a spot in the travel section of Gwyneth Paltrow’s 2022 Holiday Gift Guide, the Ostrichpillow Mini Handy Pillow is sure to be a thoughtful gift for the jet-setter in your life, and an especially perfect gift to treat yourself to if you’re someone who fights relentlessly to catch some Z’s while traveling.

To buy: goop.com, ostrichpillow.com and amazon.com, $35

The oval-shaped, travel-friendly pillow measures 9.8 inches by 6.7 inches by 2.7 inches and supports your sleeping position by placing in your hand like a glove or over your forearm and elbow like a sleeve. It provides a comfortable place to rest your head, whether you’re on a long flight, at work, taking a screen break at your desk or in a terminal.

What’s more, the Mini Handy Pillow Ostrichpillow is made with a soft and smooth viscose material and uses microbeads and elastane to conform to your head and achieve its adjustable and adjustable profile. And, when not in use, you can easily store it in a backpack, travel bag or carry-on, or even slide it over the handle of your luggage or keep it on your person as a bracelet; weighs less than a kilo.

In addition to earning a seal of approval from Goop editors, the Mini Handy Pillow also received glowing praise from Ostrichpillow shoppers. One reviewer said: “I always lean on my hand when I want to sleep, especially on the road, so this was a godsend.” Another customer called it “extremely soft and very light,” and his review was followed by a traveler who added, “I’ve used it on numerous flights and it’s been comfortable every time.”

Take it from this buyer who raved: “When I took it out of the box, the experience was like hugging a cloud.” Echoing his excitement, another customer wrote: “I can say I’ve found the perfect companion for my morning train journey. [Tray] table plus mini pillow equals heaven.”


To buy: goop.com, ostrichpillow.com and amazon.com, $35

Buyers have also found that it makes an “extremely comfortable” headrest, as well as an effective remedy for “chronic” wrist pain or elbow strain when working at a desk. A critic also pointed out that “it helps to hold a book. It’s beautiful It’s very versatile if you play with it.”

Similarly, one buyer mentioned, “It’s so hard to get comfortable on a plane or in a waiting chair. This pillow just works for me. There are so many ways to hold it thanks to the many slots to slide your hand or fingers through. Trust us, you’ll be amazed at how many uses you can put it to outside of travel.

Whether you’re getting a head start on your holiday gift or just need a new travel pillow, the Mini Handy Pillow Ostrichpillow is definitely the product for the job. Get one at Goop or Ostrichpillow today and be prepared to wonder how you ever managed to live without it.

At the time of publication, the price was $35.

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