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Travelers have been feeling the urge to connect with nature for the past few months, and recent data proves it outdoor experiences are among the top travel goals for 2023. Not only can American travelers discover amazing new landscapes, mountains, lakes and roads, but they can also save money while opting for trendy experiences.

Caravan parked in Joshua Park

According to a recent study published by Campspot, 69% of travelers have listed new places to camp in 2023. “Despite, or even because of, the current economic uncertainty, both current and new campers are eager to take even more trips next year to experience the unique benefits nature has to offer. We’re also seeing that travelers they turn to camping as a means of reducing costs as others increase. said Michael Scheinman, CEO of Campspot.

We already know that the most fashionable international destinations in 2023, but what about the amazing natural places you can find in the United States? From low-cost camping to remote work in RVs, here are the trendy outdoor experiences for next year:

Camping for less than $500

Woman enjoying the view from the hammock

Many travelers are worried about the economy but still want to travel and discover new places, so camping is a great solution. In the Campspot survey, 53% of campers said their camping budget was less than $500. and many are looking for options close to their homes to help cut costs even further.

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Traveler enjoying the view from the tent

According to Campspot data, travelers interested in stargazing, fishing and connecting with nature saved these spots for their next trips:

  • Santa Cruz Redwoods RV Resort: Right in the woods, this California campground offers travelers plenty of activities, great amenities, and camping spaces starting at $60 per night.
  • Rocky Mountain Outdoor Sun: This Colorado campground is a 2022 Campspot Award winner and offers great views, pools, amenities and activities with RV sites starting at $65 per night.
  • Oso Yogi Jellystone Park™ Camp-Resort, Golden Valley: Close to the Blue Ridge Mountains, this campground offers travelers a great North Carolina family vacation with tent sites starting at $52 per night.
  • Camp-Resort Jellystone Park™ do Oso Yogi, Tower Park: Right next to the river, this California campground is also family-friendly and includes great attractions for kids. Nightly site prices start at $79.
  • Sun Outdoors Coos Bay: This Oregon campground offers great spots with ocean views and good prices starting at $52 per night.
Campsite by the river with caravan and picnic table

Different US campgrounds are also offering promotions and special offers for travelers to book early and enjoy their favorite 2023 outdoor experience.

Remote work from a caravan

This is a new trend, especially among Gen Z and millennials. Working remotely and camping? It is very possible and also a great digital nomad experience. According to the study, 47% of young travelers want to take an RV trip in 2023.

Woman using phone next to RV on road

RVs can easily be adapted and prepared for remote work, especially since many companies now offer paid time off, while giving travelers the flexibility to drive and discover new places.

For adventurous travelers who enjoy outdoor experiences, RVs are the new office. Many campgrounds with special RV spaces also offer good Internet access and great amenities for remote workers.

Discovering new national and state parks

Woman standing in front of lake looking at glacier national park

79% of Campspot users said they would visit a national or state park in 2023, and 1 in 5 said they had visited a national park for the first time this year. The most popular regions with large national parks are:

  • Colorado
  • montana
  • Tennessee
  • Florida
  • North Carolina
Road in North Carolina

And there is a lot to see! There are 423 national parks in the United States. If you feel like exploring nature and can’t wait for 2023, there are stunning national parks that are perfect to visit this fall, such as the Grand Canyon and Joshua Tree, and other unique must-visit destinations during the winter, such as Death. Valley National Park.

Image of Death Valley during winter

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