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Admiral Samuel Paparo, Commander, US Pacific Fleet, traveled to Japan for the 18th Western Pacific Maritime Symposium (WPNS) and fleet engagements, November 5-9, 2022.

WPNS provided naval leaders from 26 nations with an opportunity to discuss maritime matters of mutual interest while building confidence in the ability to work together for a free and open Indo-Pacific.

Paparo and senior leaders and personnel boarded the Japanese destroyer JS Izumo (DDH-183) to observe the International Fleet Review conducted by the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force. American participants included the guided-missile cruiser USS Chancellorsville (CG 62) and F/A-18, F-35, MH-60R and P-8 aircraft assigned to the US 7th Fleet. Although not part of the formation, the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 77) sailed nearby.

During WPNS, Paparo participated in bilateral meetings with:

  • Admiral Ryo Sakai, Chief of Staff of the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force
  • Admiral Jong-Ho Lee, Chief of Naval Operations, Republic of Korea Navy
  • Admiral M. Shaheen Iqbal, Chief of the Bangladesh Naval Staff
  • Admiral Hari Kumar, Chief of the Indian Naval Staff
  • Admiral Pierre Vandier, Chief of Staff of the French National Navy
  • Admiral Ben Key, First Sea Lord and Chief of the Naval Staff of the Royal Navy of the United Kingdom
  • Vice-Admiral Angus Topshee, Commander, Royal Canadian Navy
  • Vice Admiral Datuk Abdul Rahman Bin Ayob, Deputy Chief of the Royal Malaysian Navy
  • Rear Admiral Aaron Beng, Chief of the Navy of the Republic of Singapore
  • Rear Admiral Caesar Bernard Valencia, acting flag officer in command of the Philippine Navy
  • Rear Admiral Jonathan Earley, Fleet Commander, Royal Australian Navy

He also spoke with:

  • Vice Admiral Yerko Marcic, Chief of Staff of the Chilean Navy
  • Vice Admiral Francisco Cubides, Commander of the Colombian Navy
  • Cdr. Humphrey Tawake, Commander, Republic of Fiji Navy (also Deputy Commander, Republic of Fiji Military Forces (RFMF)
  • Admiral Yudo Margono, Chief of Staff of the Indonesian Navy
  • Rear Admiral David Proctor, Chief of Naval Operations, Royal New Zealand Navy
  • Admiral M Amjad Khan Niazi, Chief of the Pakistan Naval Staff
  • Admiral Alberto Alcalá, Commander in Chief of the Peruvian Navy
  • Rear Admiral Neville Ubayasiri, Director of Naval Services, Sri Lanka Naval Headquarters
  • Captain Sione Ulakai, Deputy Chief of Defense Staff of Her Majesty’s Armed Forces of Tonga
  • Admiral Tran Thanh Nghiem, Chief of the Navy of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam

On November 7, Sakai, Lee and Paparo convened a trilateral meeting to discuss enhancing trilateral security cooperation between Japan, the Republic of Korea and the United States against common security challenges in the Indo-Pacific region, including those of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

Sakai also met with Paparo aboard the Japanese frigate JS Mogami (FFM-1) while in port in Yokohama, where the two leaders discussed the strength of the Japan-US alliance and toured the ship.

Established in 1988, the WPNS aims to increase the ability of member nations to operate together and build relationships by providing a venue to discuss maritime issues, exchange information and develop international cooperation and transparency by establishing international standards in relation to the use of sea Its members include nations that are located or have significant strategic interests in the Western Pacific.

Attendance at WPNS and the visit to Japan underscored the United States’ commitment to strengthening alliances and partnerships for a lasting free and open Indo-Pacific.


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