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It’s that time of year.

“As we emerge from the pandemic, travel volume this Thanksgiving is expected to be the highest on record for Southern California,” shared Doug Shupe, AAA’s director of corporate communications and programs.

Family reunions bring busy airports and freeways as Thanksgiving quickly approaches.

But this year’s holiday travel may look a little different compared to years past, not just in the desert, but across the country.

“We expect more than 5.5 million people to travel on United alone,” said United Airlines spokeswoman Nicole Carriere. “That looks like a little more than double what we get in a normal week in November, so the airports will be busy.”

According to AAA, this Thanksgiving travel is expected to be the highest on record in Southern California.

“4.5 million people will be going somewhere for the holiday weekend,” Shupe continued. “Of those, 3.9 million people will travel by road and 542,000 will fly somewhere.”

Of the 30,000 travelers departing Palm Springs International Airport next week, the day before Thanksgiving will be the busiest with more than 7,600 departing that day, up nearly 24% from last year.

This means parking can be tight.

“We’ve added more parking since last year, but we still expect the demand for parking to exceed the capacity we have,” explained PSP’s Assistant Director of Aviation Marketing and Air Service, Daniel Meier. “So we’re going to post regularly on our social media channels, but we also like to encourage people to consider taking alternative forms of transport like a taxi or Uber.”

Knowing this, travelers should prepare in advance.

“We are waiting in lines of up to 30 minutes at TSA checkpoints,” Meier continued. “We want people to be very aware and give themselves plenty of time to get here so they don’t miss their flight.”

But there are ways to make your trip a lot smoother.

“Thanksgiving is a holiday where people want to bring baked goods to their friends and family to share,” Carriere said. “The TSA has a really cool tool where you can physically type in the item you’re thinking of taking with you and it will tell you if it’s safe to carry on or if it has to go in your check-in bag. That’s something you definitely want to make sure you’re planning with well in advance. Plan a little extra time for sure, at least two hours for domestic flights, three hours for international flights because it’s going to be crowded.”

PSP suggests that travelers arrive up to 2.5 hours early to check in their bags and make their flight.


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