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Indore (Madhya Pradesh): Did you miss the opportunity to secure admission to higher education institutions? Do not worry. Enroll in distance or non-collegiate (private) undergraduate or graduate courses this year and opt for full-time next year. Sound good? Here is good news for you. This is the reality.

The Department of Higher Education (DHE) has offered this option to students who could not get regular admission this year. Students were concerned that if they enrolled privately or remotely, they would have to complete their degree the same way.

DHE has clarified this through a letter stating that UG candidates who could not secure first year admission or PG candidates who could not secure first semester admission in 2022-23 should opt for the mode of remote or private mode and they can try their luck for regular mode next year.

The admission process for the first year of undergraduate and postgraduate first semester in colleges across the state was completed on August 31. In the period 2022-23, a total of 558,789 students were admitted to the first year of undergraduate studies and the first semester of postgraduate studies. Similarly, for university admissions, the admission process was conducted through the Common University Entrance Test (CUET), which was held from July 15 to September 11. Not all students who have passed the CUET will be admitted to the university.

Those who missed the chance and others can apply for Madhya Pradesh Bhoj University (Open) through online applications till 15th November. Similarly, by participating in the admission process of Indira Gandhi Open University (IGNOU), Bhopal, students can get admission in distance mode. After passing the first-year/second-year exam and postgraduate second semester through distance education or private student, students can enroll in the regular mode in the next term, in the case of a vacancy at state/state colleges.

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