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A judge has told a teenager who downloaded indecent images of children that his crime was “increasing the risk of what happened to other children”.

Jordan Goddard, now aged 22, was visited by the police at 7am on May 27 last year. Authorities have been told by other law enforcement agencies that Goddard had access to indecent images on the internet.

“The door of the house was opened by the accused’s mother. He informed the police that he had fallen asleep upstairs,” prosecutor Kim Whittlestone told Carlisle Crown Court.

“The officers went up to the bedroom, explaining why they were there. The defendant gave them his mobile phone, saying: ‘I have seen them but it was only once on my phone’.

Police seized a red Sony phone and an Oppo handset. Both have been reviewed with unofficial images found on Oppo phones and also on SC cards from Sony.

Sixty-five category A photos – the largest – were recovered along with 33 category B and 64 category C.

More than half were active when seven-year-old children were exposed.

“The images are still and moving,” said Miss Whittlestone, “They have been downloaded in different ways and stored in different places.”

This happened over a period of almost five months between mid-November, 2020, and mid-April, 2021.

Goddard, formerly of Tebay and now of Castlegate, Penrith, was interviewed by police and said he was not “in the right frame of mind” when viewing the illegal footage.

Miss Whittlestone said: “He pleaded not to have sex with children but he was disappointed in himself.”

Goddard admitted to making indecent images of children.

Anthony Parkinson, mitigating, said: “The court always has a problem in these cases: a serious crime but a young man with no previous convictions which contains all the elements of restoration.”

Judge Nicholas Barker imposed a 24-month community order including rehabilitation work, sex offender treatment and a two-month night curfew.

“Any suggestion from you that you have no interest or interest in the sexualization of children depicted in the images and obscenity falls on the ground very hard in this regard ,” Judge Barker told Goddard.

“When looking at these things you are adding to the risk of this happening to other children.”

Goddard must sign sex offenders’ names and follow strict terms of protection, both for five years.


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