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Known for some of the strictest Covid protections in the world, travel to Peru is back to normal starting November 1, 2022. Now is the perfect time to head to the country known for its Inca ruins, phenomenal cuisine, and unique capital of South America overlooking the sea. Ambiental Iberostar Selection Miraflores is the ideal hotel in Lima where you can dine on Peruvian specialties al fresco and admire the Pacific before and after exploring the rest of Peru.

Peru ends the state of emergency

Effective March 2020, Peru’s state of emergency has ended and all travel restrictions and occupancy limits are lifted.

Peru’s Covid protection rules evolved during the waves of Covid and as its population was vaccinated and boosted. The country’s air borders reopened in October 2020 and its land borders reopened from February 2022. The end of the state of emergency means that travelers no longer need to complete an immigration and health declaration to board flights, show the proof of vaccination or the certification of a negative Covid test to enter the country or its interior spaces, and that masks are no longer necessary. Previously, proof of vaccination (including boosters) was required to enter many indoor spaces, as well as KN95 type respirators or double masks (given the ongoing pandemic and risks of Long Covid, they are still encouraged).

Now is the time to visit Peru

The Christmas period, as well as July and August, is Peru’s high season, and November marks the start of the southern hemisphere’s summer (although the weather in the capital, Lima, is almost always spring-like). While Peru’s main draw is the ancient Inca citadel of Machu Picchu and its nearby high-altitude city of Cusco, travelers should be sure to plan at least a few days in Lima.

Ecohotel in the most popular tourist district of Lima

Green travelers will want to stay at the Iberostar Selection Miraflores, a five-star hotel that sets the environmental bar for Lima and the country as a whole.

Chic Miraflores is Lima’s most popular neighborhood for travelers, given its easy walkability, abundance of restaurants and shops, and highlights such as the pre-Inca pyramid, Huaca Pucllana, as well as food markets, several green parks and accessibility to the area. ocean

The 18-story Iberostar Selection Miraflores is located just two blocks from Lima’s malecón promenade over the Pacific, near Parque do Amor with its mosaics, kissing sculptures and views of paragliders in the sky and surfers in the waves below.

Environment Iberostar Selección Miraflores

Through its Wave of Change movement, Iberostar has eliminated single-use plastics and Iberostar is on track to become zero waste by 2025 and carbon neutral by 2030. The company aims for 100% of its seafood to be responsibly sourced by 2025, with Iberostar Selection Miraflores already achieving the goal.

Iberostar Selection Miraflores is also completely free of single-use plastics, a particularly challenging feat in Lima given the lack of potable tap water in the city. Each floor of this modern hotel has a filtered water station, so there’s no need to use plastic (check the count at the station on your floor to see how many plastic bottles have been saved so far). In the bright bathrooms, the showers have large refillable containers of biodegradable Botanicus shampoo, conditioner and shower gel, further reducing single-use plastics. Even the Iberostar Selection Miraflores coffee pods are environmental: the pods are compostable and carbon neutral shipped from Germany and filled with Peruvian coffee to support local producers.

Peru still does not have a strong recycling culture – the country reuses less than 5% if its waste and it is estimated that 70% is reusable – but Iberostar Selection Miraflores has a strong recycling program that collaborates with the socio-environmental company Sinba. And, through the Sociedade Hoteleira Peruana (SHP), Iberostar is encouraging other member hotels to follow suit.

Staying in Iberostar Selection Miraflores

Not only will you feel good about their environmental practices, a stay at Iberostar Selection Miraflores is the ideal introduction to Peru, as well as a relaxing stop after exploring the country’s highlands and Amazon rainforest.

Through the floor-to-ceiling windows of this 214-room hotel (and from the patio and rooftop pool) there are views of the ocean and boardwalk, plus the park with its tennis court and outdoor pool just outside the hotel’s front door. , and the rest of downtown Miraflores.

Although Peru’s Covid rules have been lifted, it is still wise to minimize the chances of exposure to the virus. That’s easy at Iberostar Selection Miraflores’ on-site restaurants: Taperia 27 Tapas is on the open-air rooftop with fresh Lima ocean air coming off the Pacific, and both Ortega & Huaman on the ground floor and the lobby bar have outdoor patios .

Chef Carlos Testino runs the Iberostar Selection Miraflores restaurants. Tapas and cocktails are the specialty upstairs at Taperia 27 Tapas, a very popular spot with Limanese who love the atmosphere and sunset views. Downstairs, the lobby bar has coffees, cakes and takeaways such as sandwiches. Ortega & Huaman serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, with Peruvian specialties such as ceviche made with sustainable fish and salted loin.

Relax your stretched muscles hiking Machu Picchu at the Iberostar Selection Miraflores spa, equipped with a sauna, and in your room with the provided yoga mat. There is also a 24-hour gym. The green decor of Iberostar Selection Miraflores is inspired by Peru’s Pacaya Samiria nature reserve and will also make you want to see the Amazon; ideally, your trip to Peru features the rainforest, the Andean highlands and the Pacific coast of Lima.


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