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The Barcelona striker was awarded a penalty after going down in the box just 13 minutes into the second half.

Lewandowski, who has already scored 18 goals in 19 games for his club side this season, stepped up to score from the spot but was unable to convert as Mexican goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa made a superb save.

The Barcelona ace has revealed he has changed his penalty-taking technique and was ‘hurt’ by the defence. He said in the conversation after the match TVP: “It was an even match, both teams could have won.

“On the one hand, we will respect the point. On the other hand, it was a penalty and I didn’t score it. It hurts. We have to win the next game. We all know that.”

He added: “Did I change the technique for the penalty? Yes. Why? It was my decision to kick the ball away. It’s the same with penalty kicks: if everyone knew how to kick the ball before kicking it, it would be easy. I didn’t do it today . It hurts.”

The match between Poland and Mexico was arguably the dullest affair of the tournament so far, with only five attempts on goal.

Poland created just one of those attempts as Lewandowski struggled for serve during the encounter.

He said: “We are working a lot in defense so that the opposition does not create dangerous situations for a goal against us. But we still need to improve things.

“Sometimes we run out of strength, good decision or faith to be able to score a goal.

“The more our players attack, the easier it is for me to get scoring chances. If we have in our heads that defense is the priority, then there are no clear scoring chances. We have to find a balance between defense and attack.

“There were a lot of long balls, I often won duels for them, but the collection of the ball was lacking. It was not an easy game for our attackers. We were pressed, doubled. With a bolder game, we are able to create scoring opportunities.”

Poland will now focus on history-making Saudi Arabia, who stunned Argentina with a 2-1 victory on Tuesday.

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