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Hancock admitted he ‘messed up’ during a candid chat with fellow contestant Babatunde Aleshe

Matt Hancock’s ‘confession’ on I’m a Celeb was a staged ‘scene’, according to a body language expert.

Judi James has described the former health minister’s guilty plea to his affair with quarantine-defying aide Gina Coladangel as “politically structured”.

Mr Hancock admitted he “messed up” during a candid conversation with fellow contestant Babatunde Aleshe.

Judi said: “It’s very similar to Matt’s follow-up: a rehab moment he’s been preparing for on this visit to the jungle, and a moment he’s done before, but obviously not in front of such a large audience.

“It also seems like a politically structured show that aims to turn all the difficult aspects and details of his story and all the emotional displays necessary to show shame or regret and shift the audience’s focus to the positive message that Matt wants to convey, along with sound bites and emotional body language that would portray him in a good light.”

West Suffolk MP Matt Hancock.

West Suffolk MP Matt Hancock.

The expert added that Mr Hancock’s stance was also a key acknowledgment that he wanted to “seek our forgiveness”.

She told The Sun: “There’s an actorly sense of humility and ‘being in the dog house’ in the pose she’s chosen as she sits with her hands on her legs, her back bent forward and her head down.

“It’s a submission ritual in the animal kingdom, and lowering the head would be understood as a survival response to avoid an attack.”

Mr Hancock discussed how his life changed after his affair became public.

“It was really hard,” he said.

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“I messed up and made a mistake. I quit and that’s no excuse, but I fell in love, didn’t I? This obviously had many other consequences as well.”

Referring to CCTV footage, Aleshe replied: “You didn’t just ‘fall in love’, you grabbed a booty bruv”, to which Hancock replied “oh come on”.

Asked if he was still with Ms. Coladangelo, he replied: “With Gina? Yes, very, yes, absolutely.

“It’ll be the best thing when you get kicked out, seeing her on the bridge.”

The West Suffolk MP split from his wife after his affair was revealed to the world and is now in a relationship with Ms Coladangelo.


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