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On-site admissions to fill vacancies in Government/Aided/CAPE/Self-financing Polytechnics will be held from 23rd November (Wednesday) to 29th November.

New applicants and students planning to change colleges or branches can apply for admission on the spot.

New candidates can join the faculties which have vacancies according to the current rank list. Therefore, before submitting new applications, students should contact the institutions and secure vacancies. Students can check vacancies in individual faculty through ‘Vacancy Option’ on official website www.polyadmission.org

Students must report to the faculties at the time scheduled for on-site admission, which would be done on the basis of rank. Admission procedures should be completed after submission of required original documents and payment of full fee. An enrollment form or a certificate of paid tuition fees must be submitted if the student has already been enrolled at any other faculty.

Applicants applying for random admission to more than one college must submit authorization forms.

Reception in extraordinary/second shift

Fresh applications are invited for vacancies in part-time/second shift engineering degree programs and programs stalled due to lack of students in colleges including Govt. Polytechnic College Kothamangalam, Govt. Polytechnic College Palakkad, Govt .Polytechnic College Kozhikode, Sree Narayana Polytechnic College at Kottiyam and Kollam and Ma’da Polytechnic College at Malappuram.


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