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An impoverished woman from Tamil Nadu, who allegedly refused admission to a hospital here after labor pains, died along with her twin newborns on Thursday, according to her neighbours.

District Health Officer (DHO) Dr. Taking a strong insight into the incident, Manjunatha DN recommended the suspension of the doctor on duty.

According to her neighbours, Kasturi (30) lived in Bharati Nagar with another poor girl in a rented house.

Some of her neighbors raised some money for the delivery after Kasturi went into labor on Wednesday evening and was sent by car to the Tumakuru District Hospital.

Doctors and hospital staff refused to admit her saying she did not have an aadhaar or ‘Maternity Card’ and sent her home, they alleged.

The doctor on duty told her to write a note and refer her to Victoria Hospital in Bengaluru, neighbors said.

The woman returned home in pain. This morning the pains increased and she gave birth to one child. During the delivery of her second child, she died due to heavy bleeding.

dr. Manjunatha said he recommended the suspension of the duty doctor who refused to admit the patient.

“This is dereliction of duty. Since I cannot order suspension of the doctor on duty, I have recommended it to the Deputy Commissioner of Tumakuru district,” the DHO told PTI.

He added that they will also conduct a detailed investigation.

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