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Quantum Leap star Ernie Hudson teases that the reboot could go into the future. So far, the NBC sci-fi series is very much tied to its predecessor. the new Quantum Leap focuses on the fate of Sam Beckett, to the point that a large part of the story involves his legacy and his potential whereabouts. Still, the updated version, which stars Raymond Lee as the titular character Dr. Ben Song, also altered the established story in some key ways and functioned differently than the original. This will continue when the show returns with new episodes on January 2.


In an exclusive interview with Screen RantHudson teases what’s ahead for the rest Quantum Leap 1st season The actor, who plays Herbert “Magic” Williams on the NBC show, wondered about the big reveal in the fall finale involving Ben. In his response, Hudson suggests that the sci-fi series will address issues of quantum physics and quantum time travel. He also notes that there will be an exploration of how the events of the future affect the past. Still, in the quote below, Hudson says he doesn’t have any definitive answers:

I read the scripts as they come, and we’re kind of in the middle of everything. I think we will hopefully find out who or what is responsible. How does the whole idea of ​​quantum physics and quantum time travel work? How do things that happen in the future affect the past?

We’re all over the place because this show isn’t limited to just traveling through one person’s life. I think we’re going to start looking at that, and I think it’s going to give people a lot to think about. But in terms of definitive answers, I’m as lost as anyone.

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How different are the rules from the original quantum leap reboot?

Magic talking to the team in episode 4 of Quantum Leap

One of the most radical ways the reboot changes the rules of the original Quantum Leap episode 6, which teases the possibility of jumping into the future. Ian (played by Mason Alexander) believes that through Ben’s coding, there is a way to travel not only back in time, but forward. Fans have been seen discussing how this fundamentally changes the rules Quantum Leapdifferentiating it from the original and typical Beckett travels.

Another way the reboot is distinguished is that jumpers like Ben and Sam could only move through their own lives. At the beginning of his career, the new Quantum Leap has already removed this limitation, sending Ben to 1879. These creative decisions help Ben interact with conditions and characters that he otherwise wouldn’t, allowing for thematic resonance. But at the same time, it also hints at how the updated series is establishing its own kind of canon and explanations in the universe.

It’s worth noting, of course, that the rules were never firmly set on the original Quantum Leap. While it’s true that the episodes generally stuck to a certain structure, this was also occasionally broken by a major development or a good story that wouldn’t have worked otherwise. As Hudson noted in his remarks, the show has a lot of wiggle room when it returns in a few months.

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