Rio Ferdinand acknowledges Thomas Partey during Casemiro’s comparison | Tech US News


Arsenal midfielder Thomas Partey is one of the best players in the league.

The Ghanaian midfielder has been the glue that binds Arsenal’s team together and it is no coincidence that they have suffered their only Premier League defeat so far, going out against Manchester United.

Partey is considered untouchable in Arsenal’s squad, as is Caemiro, who has transformed Manchester United’s midfield with his experience and skill. The Brazilian midfielder was once again colossal as United beat West Ham 1-0 in the Premier League at the weekend.

The Champions League winner is considered by many to be the best midfielder in the league and his performances have backed up that claim, although Ferdinand is not far behind Arsenal’s Thomas Partey in quality and ability in the middle.

The former Manchester United player said on Vibe with Five: “I don’t think anyone is saying that Thomas Partey is not a good player, he is actually a very good player.

“He’s a very good player and obviously he’s been very good for Arsenal this season and I like him and what he does with and without the ball is very good.

“I think Casemiro has also done very well for us and his experience and quality is visible to everyone.”

Arsenal returned to the top of the Premier League after losing it momentarily to Manchester City’s win against Leicester on Saturday.


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