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Kolkata: Tapas Mondal, the chief witness of the teacher recruitment scam in West Bengal, on Thursday found that various private teacher training colleges in the state collected Rs 20.70 crore for offline registration sent to the West Bengal board office. Primary Education (WBBPE) when Trinamool Congress legislator Manik Bhattacharya was the chairman of the board.

Mondal, president of the All Bengal Teachers’ Training Achievers’ Association (ABTTAA), the umbrella organization of such private training schools, and a close aide of Bhattacharya, came to the Enforcement Directorate (ED) office for the second consecutive day on Thursday. , where he revealed during an interaction with the waiting media.

He said candidates who failed to meet the online registration deadline opted for offline registration against a fee of Rs 5,000 each, including Rs 4,700 as offline registration fee and Rs 300 as late fee. The entire amount was sent to the WBBPE office, Mondal claimed.

When reminded that he had claimed on Wednesday that the money had been received by Bhattacharya, Mondal said, “It is the same as Manik Babu was the chairman of the board then.”

Asked if the offline registration system was illegal, Mondal said that this system was introduced after the approval of the WBBPE with Bhattacharya as its president.

“How can I say that this offline registration system was illegal? This was done with the approval of the Board of Directors. And Manik Babu was the chairman of the board then,” claimed Mondal.

To recall, on October 24, ED counsel Phiroze Edulji informed the lower court that the central agency had traced properties worth Rs 10 crore owned by Bhattacharya and his family members after a preliminary investigation.

Edulji informed that ED detectives had traced Rs 3 crore in a bank account held jointly by Bhattacharya’s wife, Satarupa Bhattacharya, and a deceased person named Mrityunjoy Chakraborty.

The ED counsel also informed the court that a CD containing the names of 4,000 individuals was found at Bhattacharya’s residence.

After cross-checking with the WBBPE authorities, officials of the central agency confirmed that 2,500 out of these 4,000 were given jobs as primary teachers.



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