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Latest episode Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin saw Ashwini greeting Savi along with Sai (Ayesha Singh) in the Chavan house, and Virat introduces the whole family to Savi. He asks Savi to call Bhavani ‘Badi Aaji’ but she says she scolds her when she calls her Badi Aaji. While introducing Pakhi, Virat asks Savi to call her ‘Badi Aayi’ but Sai refuses saying that he has only one Aayi which is Sai. Virata asks if he can call Pakhi ‘aunty’ while Pakhi agrees as she has no other choice. Ashwini then greets Savi and asks her to enter the Atla Plate and enter the house.

Savi asks her why while she tells Ashwini that Lakshmi is in the house and the heir of the family. Savi asks what an heir is and Virat explains the meaning to her. Sai goes further inside the house but her feet slip and Sai gets scared and comes inside the house and puts her feet on the plate and holds Savi. She asks Savi if she is fine, while Sonali sees Sai’s footprints in the house and sneers, showing shock.

Sai tells Sai that now Lakshmi is also from Chavan house but Sai denies. Pakhi, who gets insecure seeing this, tells Savi that Sai is not Lakshmi in the house as she made the footprints by mistake. Patralekha says that Lakshmi is in the house as the worship is for her and not Sai. Pakhi tries to erase Sai’s tracks but fails as the whole family watches her madness.

Later, Ashwini asks everyone to come to the house for the ceremony. She asks Savija to sit on the scales and they will weigh her weight, equivalent to the sweets that will be distributed for charity. Savi gets excited while Mohit and Pulkit start filling the scales with sweets. Seeing this, Vinayak asks Pakhi if all these rituals happened to him too, but she asks him to ask Virat about it. Pakhi feels sad for Vinu while Virat feels guilty for not doing this ritual with Vinu. He tells Vinayaka that when he came into his life, they were so happy that they forgot the rituals, but he promises to do the same for him soon.

Further, Bhavani reminds Ashwini that there is one more ritual left and goes to get the scissors. Bhavani tells them that this ceremony is called Zawal, where the child’s hair is completely cut so that new hair can grow after it. She says that they weren’t there when Savi was born, so now they will only cut her hair a little. Savi doesn’t want to get a haircut, but Sai convinces her. Bhavani cuts her hair and offers Ashwini to throw her hair in the pond, but she says she will do it herself. The family is not aware of Bhavani’s plan to do a DNA test with this hair.

Sai objects to Virat getting Savi into the best school

In the upcoming episode, Virat decides to get Savi admitted in the best school along with Vinayak. Sai gets angry that Virat didn’t consult her before Sai accepted. Virat says he wants Savi to get the best education and has also hired a tutor for his daughter to coach her through the admissions interview. Sai gets angry and tells her that Savi doesn’t lack education at all.

Sai challenges him to postpone the interview to tomorrow to see Savi’s education. Virat tells Sai that he will plan it for tomorrow and then he will see what Savi really taught her.

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin, produced by Cockcrow Entertainment and Shaika Films. He wrote it Leena Gangopadhyay and direction Jaydeep Sen, Ranjeet Gupta and Ashwini Saraswat. It is a remake of the Bengali series Star Jalsha Kusum Dola. The play features actors such as Aishwarya Sharma, Kishori Shahane, Vihaan Verma, Bharti Patil, Sheetal Maulik, Mitaali Nag. Yash Pandit, Siddharth Bodke among others.

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