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Deepankar Sharda

Chandigarh, November 12

The time of the year is just around the corner when hundreds of parents start preparing to get their wards admitted to the primary class in various schools in the beautiful city.

Last year’s admissions schedule

  • Issue and submission of application forms: December 7 to 18 (2021)
  • Display of list of eligible students: Until January 14, 2022
  • Display of the list of selected/waiting students: Until February 1
  • Selected children for deposit: until February 11.

While a handful of schools have already started the process of inducting students for the next session, most schools are expected to reveal their admission schedule towards the end of this month.

Every year, local colleges release their admission timetable in late November, followed by the availability of admission forms in December and then the selection of students by lottery in the month of January. Like the last two years, the draw is expected to take place online.

“Some of the schools have already announced the entry schedule for the entry level, but all others will reveal it next month. As in previous years, the draw is expected to take place in the month of January. There will be hardly any change in the schedule,” said HS Mamik, president, Independent Schools Association (ISA), Chandigarh.

In the pre-Covid era, parents uploaded admission forms online and submitted them at the enrollment counter of the respective school. Schools selected suitable candidates and a draw was held where volunteers were asked to select a slip with a registration number from a box. However, in the past years, schools preferred to conduct the draw through the online mode, and some organized it in hybrid (online and offline) modes.

“Schools have started preparing for the upcoming admission period. There are more than 50 private schools in Chandigarh offering entry level classes. According to estimates, leading schools receive more than 1,000 applications against 100 available places. Thus, the situation remains tense for both the parents and the governing bodies of the school,” said a high-ranking official.

“Some schools have already announced their admission schedule. Most schools take 3+ years through a lottery. However, with the change of times, many schools have opened a wing for toddlers. Thus, they introduce sections in early childhood and continue with the same set for the next meeting. Enrollment in private schools is always in high demand. Not only local residents but also parents from neighboring states are also trying hard to get their wards admitted here,” said Anu Kharbanda, a parent.


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