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Former President Donald Trump’s comments during a weekend rally about the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago may be “admissible evidence” in court, legal experts say.

During a rally in Miami on Sunday, Trump blasted the FBI over the “very high-profile Mar-a-Lago raid,” which he described as “an example of a document hoax.”

Trump claimed the court-authorized investigation “violated my Fourth Amendment rights” and was “something that has never been done to another president.”

“No other president has ever done this,” he said. “Presidents go, take things, take documents, read them. No one else has gone through that.”

Trump has repeatedly falsely claimed that previous presidents “took” the documents with them after leaving office. The National Archives and Records Administration issued a statement last month refuting his claim, explaining that the National Archives took custody of all presidential documents and “safely moved these records to temporary facilities” before moving them to the presidential libraries . Claims that “indicate or imply that these presidential records were owned by former presidents or their representatives after they left office … are false and misleading,” the statement said.

Legal experts said Trump’s remarks could amount to an admission of illegality.

“Tump apparently admitted he illegally took top secret documents when he left the White House,” the government watchdog group Citizens for Accountability and Ethics in Washington wrote on Twitter.

Conservative lawyer George Conway said the comments could be “admissible evidence,” suggests a drinking game every time “says something self-incriminating” at the rally.

“Go on talking. Go on confessing,” wrote national security attorney Bradley Moss, a frequent Trump critic.

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Legal experts also pointed to another remark Trump made during Saturday’s rally in Pennsylvania.

“Every other president takes their documents. I’m the only one. I can’t have a document,” Trump complained during a rally in Latrobe, before falsely suggesting that other presidents have taken and kept their documents in unsecured rooms.

“Did Trump just admit to taking top secret documents he shouldn’t have?” CREW wrote on Twitter.

Conway responded to the video of Trump’s comments by posting a photo of a Miranda rights sign saying, “You have the right to remain silent.”

Trump claimed that former President George HW Bush “took millions of documents to a … bowling alley/Chinese restaurant” with “no security and a broken front door” and claimed that Bill Clinton “took millions of documents from the White House to a former vendor cars in Arkansas.”

“All of these claims by Trump are false,” CNN fact-checker Daniel Dale wrote last month, citing a statement from the National Archives confirming that the agency “safely moved these records to temporary facilities that NARA leased from the administration for general services near the sites of future presidential libraries built by former presidents for NARA.”

“All such temporary facilities met strict archival and security standards and were operated and managed exclusively by NARA employees,” the agency said.

Dale added that “there is no equivalence between Trump’s handling of presidential documents and those of his predecessors.”

“In the cases of others, presidential documents were owned by NARA and stored securely and professionally,” he wrote. “In Trump’s case, the presidential documents found in a random hobbyist warehouse at Mar-a-Lago were owned by Trump, despite numerous attempts by NARA and the Department of Justice to get them back.”

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