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Somali President Hassan Sheik Mohamud wants the East African Community (EAC) secretariat to speed up the processing of his country’s application to join the regional bloc.

The president said Somalia’s wait to join the community was a dream deferred for the people and his government and called on EAC Secretary General Peter Mathuki, who is visiting Mogadishu, to speed up the admission process so that his country can become the eighth member of the EAC.

“Somalia belongs to the EAC. Among the EAC partner countries, there is no country that does not have business ties with Somalia and existing historical links include language and culture,” said President Mohamud.

“We are counting on you, the Secretary-General, to send a verification team here in Mogadishu to start the process,” he added.

President Mohamud said his country is working tirelessly to remove all security challenges with the support of some EAC member states.

Strategic position


He said Somalia’s strategic position would significantly benefit the regional bloc through increased flow of goods, services and people across the bloc, in addition to expanding intra-regional trade with already established Somali companies in the region.

President Mohamud said Somalia’s long Indian Ocean-Red Sea route connecting Africa to the Arabian Peninsula is a vibrant economic zone, adding that harnessing Somalia’s blue economy resources such as fish and vast coastline would boost the regional economy.

dr. Mathuki assured the Somali President that the EAC Secretariat will do its part to ensure that the admission process is expedited in line with the EAC process for admitting new members into the community.

The EAC Secretary-General told the President that after his first visit, the EAC Secretariat would write to partner countries seeking nominations for members to form the EAC Verification Panel.

“The EAC wishes to assure you of our full commitment to lead the process of Somalia’s integration into the community as directed by the summit,” said Dr. Mathuki.


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