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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) – Workers at Springfield-Branson National Airport are preparing for a busy week of travel.

The Federal Aviation Administration reported 48,000 flights nationwide on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving.

Airport officials remind you of a few things to make your trip go smoothly. The most important thing is that you have plenty of time.

“People always tell me why I have to get to Springfield Airport early because I usually don’t have to wait,” said Kent Boyd of Springfield-Branson National Airport. “You might have to wait if something goes wrong, especially at the checkpoint. Let’s say a piece of that security equipment breaks down. Let’s say there’s a problem with the ticket. There’s just a whole litany of things that can go wrong.”

To reduce your time in line, know your airline’s baggage requirements. Also, see what you should take out of your carry-on when you go through security. If you check a bag, keep your essentials with you, such as prescriptions or necessary documents.

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