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The word sustainability has grown and made its place in people’s lives in the last decade, where the awareness of being sustainable in all areas is increasing and when it comes to travel, every small step towards a leisure trip makes a big difference. impact on the environment in the form of carbon footprints. There are many ways you can make your relaxing trip even more relaxing by helping to save the environment, one step at a time.

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Shivaprasad, co-founder and chief commercial officer of Uppercase, suggested the following tips on how you can travel sustainably:

– Use sustainable arts that respect the environment, there are many brands today that work to use plastic bottles to make travel luggage. Explore such options.

– Instead of buying plastic bottles, bring your own refillable water bottle.

– Travel light, don’t pack your entire wardrobe for a few days of travel.

– Try to travel by train or road as far as possible, because as we all know, airplanes leave huge carbon footprints.

According to Anirudh Gupta, co-founder of Climes, every trip has a carbon footprint and this extends to the choice of transport, the food and drinks we consume during the trip, as well as the emissions from our stay. He said: “Even people who are normally aware of their daily footprint tend to emit more when traveling because they consume more than they would in their daily lives. Increased consumption, while great for the economy, comes at a cost for the planet. Tourism is responsible for approximately 8% of all global greenhouse emissions.”

He emphasized: “While system-level changes are preferred, they are also long-term. In the meantime, it is up to individuals to consciously choose sustainable alternatives, whenever they are available and whenever possible. There are already a number of sustainable options available, but some travel brands stand out from the crowd. Some travel companies have taken the bold step of being transparent about the carbon footprint of their services and offering their customers the option to neutralize these emissions at checkout. A sustainable traveler can now experience an almost entirely carbon-neutral holiday if you choose more of these climate-friendly solutions.”


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