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Some of Sweden’s top art museums will no longer offer free entry to everyone under the government’s new 2023 budget plan, which cuts the amount the cultural sector will receive.

In total, the cultural sector is expected to receive 9 billion Swedish kroner ($8.69 billion) next year. However, this is approximately SEK 1 billion less than the amount allocated for 2022.

As part of the plan, the Swedish government is no longer offering grants that would allow state museums to be free to visitors, he says Dagens Nyheter. Nevertheless, it is expected that children and young people under the age of 19 will not have to pay to enter the museums.

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Elisabeth Millqvist.

Among the institutions that will be affected is Moderna Museet, which has headquarters in Stockholm and Malmö. This museum is not only considered one of the most important institutions in Sweden, but also one of the best contemporary art spaces in Europe.

Stockholm’s National Museum, which holds treasures by Rembrandt, Judith Leyster, Paul Cezanne, Antoine Watteau and others, will also have to start charging admission.

Parisa Liljestrand, Sweden’s Minister of Culture, said Dagens Nyheter that the purpose of this move was to redistribute funds in a way that would allow institutions greater freedom in organizing performances.

“On the one hand, we see that regular museum visitors and foreign tourists have benefited from this,” she said, “on the other hand, we see that the reform was underfunded from the beginning, which undermined the possibility for museums to create quality exhibitions .”

Other politicians they quote Dagens Nyheter seemed concerned about how the move could transform the country’s art institutions.

Gunnar Ardelius, secretary general of the organization that runs Sweden’s museums, told the publication: “Change costs money. Museums have to introduce new barriers at the entrance, new systems for visitors, and museums have to bear these costs themselves.”


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