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T-Mobile is trying to get the job done while traveling again, and it all comes in the form of a magenta-colored bag.

According to Engadget, the mobile phone provider and Samsara have unveiled a smart carry-on, the “Un-carrier On,” whose standout feature is the ability to double as a desk.

Talk about taking your work on the go.

Thing is, with this suitcase, T-Mobile has made it so you can rest your laptop in your luggage while you finish an obligatory work email. Although it can be a little awkward to use your potentially heavy carry-on since it’s on your lap.

This can be seen as a drawback, but if you take a moment to look at the bright side, the suitcase also has some practical features.

According to the outlet, T-Mobile boasts that this is the only carry-on with wireless charging for your phone, and there’s USB-C charging if you prefer cables. You can even track the case when it is invariably sent to the wrong airport. It has a T-Mobile-branded eight-bag packing set that keeps your toothpaste safely away from other clothes.

The added plus side is T-Mobile’s stunning magenta, which is the only color option.

If you’re interested in getting the limited edition Un-carrier On, which will ship later in November, or just in time for the holiday season, what might make you wonder is the price of the ticket: T-Mobile is asking $325.

Which is a great question.

Considering the price, you’re better off slipping an item tracker into a regular carry-on.


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