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Mahindra Scorpio N is currently one of the most talked about SUVs in the market. Deliveries of the SUV have begun and we’ve also started seeing videos of the Scorpio N in ownership. Here we have a video in which a Tata Safari owner is seen driving the Scorpio N. In this video, she shares her thoughts, positives and negatives about Tata. When comparing the Safari to the Mahindra Scorpio N.

The video has been uploaded by DDS on his YouTube channel. In this video, the vlogger who owns the Mahindra Scorpio N talks to the owner of the Tata Safari. He recently upgraded from a Hyundai Santro to a Tata Safari. She has covered more than 9,000 km on Safari and the owner of the Scorpio N Automatic 4×4 wants to know her opinion of the vlogger SUV. The video begins with the owner of Tata Safari talking about the reasons why she chose Safari. She mentioned that she wanted to buy an SUV and was currently confused between the Safari and the XUV700. He test drove both SUVs and was impressed with the XUV700, but the wait was long.

That’s why he chose the Safari and is very happy with the vehicle. She soon gets into the Mahindra Scorpio N and starts driving it. The first thing he noticed about the Scorpio is that it offers a much more commanding driving position than the Safari. The ORVMs are large and she can see the road ahead very clearly. It’s definitely tall and he had to climb up to get into the driver’s seat. Soon after driving the SUV, the Safari owner mentioned that the Scorpio N feels more SUVish to drive on the road. He found that the seats on his Safari were a bit more comfortable.

Here's what the Tata Safari owner thinks about the Mahindra Scorpio N after driving it. [Video]

He also mentioned that the cabin in the Scorpio N feels a little more premium than the Safari. He mentioned that the Scorpio N feels very comfortable for a ladder on-frame SUV on the road. She even drove the Scorpio N on rough road sections and was very happy with the suspension setup. The owner of the Safari talks about how the car was handling well at high speeds. The steering was light at low speeds and the weight in the Scorpio N increased as the speed increased. She even says she can be a lot more comfortable for long road trips.

She then begins to talk about the things she hopes could have been improved on her safari. He mentioned that the Scorpio N offers a lot of legroom for the driver and his knees are not rubbing or hitting any panels which is quite common in the Safari and Harrier. The other problem it faces with the Safari is the infotainment system. She even requests Tata to update the infotainment system as it is too small and not very responsive. Other than that she was very happy with the safari overall. He mentioned how Tata has to improve after sales and service but, this is something that also applies to Mahindra. Overall, she was very impressed with the Scorpio N and mentions that it would have added to her confusion, if the offer had been made when she was planning to buy the Safari.


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