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Tech Mahindra Foundation has appointed Chetan Kapoor as the new CEO and Sajid Ali as the new COO of the company.

Tech Mahindra Foundation CEO Chetan Kapoor and COO Sajid Ali
Tech Mahindra Foundation CEO Chetan Kapoor and COO Sajid Ali

After the appointment, Chetan Kapoor, who previously served as the company’s COO since 2016, said, “We will continue to emerge as an agile and purpose-led organization that drives social change in communities. with whom we work.”

In a post on LinkedIn, Kapoor thanked the company, writing, “The intense sense of responsibility that comes with this role is overwhelming, especially when it comes to serving the organization I am entrusted to lead. is a sacred task. I am fortunate to have been a part of this organization for the past several years and have a collection of colleagues and colleagues who have made this journey worthwhile every step of the way. Thank you, Team Tech Mahindra Foundation!”

He also thanked parent company Tech Mahindra in the post, saying, “They say “a man is known by the company he keeps”, but a company is known by the people he keeps. Our Parent company Tech Mahindra – which has made a name for itself in the tech space as a company with a purpose – has unwaveringly supported the work we do at the foundation. Can’t thank P Gurnani, Harshvinder Soan, Jagdish Mitra, and many others enough who always stood by us and encouraged us to do better.

“We need to foster an ecosystem for an inclusive and equitable world, where women and people with disabilities are empowered,” said Ali, formerly head of direct implementation programs, now COO. This can be achieved by building bridges with organizations that share common values ​​to create a better world for all.”

First Published: November 15, 2022, 12:05 IST


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