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Thanksgiving break is almost two weeks away, and SUNY Oswego is helping students prepare for transportation and housing plans.

Campus dormitories will close on November 19 at 10 a.m. and reopen on November 27 at noon. state or out of the country can request to reside in your residence during the break. Applications must be approved before the break. Unapproved students may not reside in their residence hall during recess.

The cost of staying in a dorm during the break is $280. There are some exceptions to this rule, such as students who live out of state or international students. The Villa will remain open free of charge, but guests will not be allowed. There will be no meals during the break and the mail will be on pause. Students may purchase additional Laker Dining Dollars for use at open on-campus dining locations or off-campus partners.

Students intending to stay in The Village during recess should contact Annabelle Hipp, Village Community Director.

Dormitory students in need of housing during Thanksgiving break may contact their hall director or make arrangements through the Office of Housing and Residence Life located in 303 Culkin Hall. The deadline to sign up for Break Housing is November 15 at 4:30 p.m. To apply for respite housing, students must complete the Thanksgiving Respite Housing Application at

Before leaving residence halls for recess, hall managers remind students to close and lock windows, empty their trash, turn off all lights and alarms, generally clean the room, and lock the door. Students will be charged for trash left in the room.

Residence staff members will check all rooms after closing the building to ensure that the rooms are secure and that there are no obvious hazards. Once this inspection has been completed, no student rooms will be entered unless there is a special reason to do so.

In these cases, a note will be left informing the residents of the time, date and reason for entry. Also, the residence halls are regularly patrolled by the University Police during recess and any unauthorized person entering, attempting to enter or being in the building will be subject to arrest. Discovery of possession of any material in violation of state laws or university regulations may result in confiscation and disciplinary action.

Thanksgiving Break shuttle buses will be available to leave campus on November 18th and 19th and return to campus on November 27th. The shuttles will make stops at the Regional Transportation Center (RTC) and Hancock International Airport in Syracuse. Tickets can be purchased through the box office for $10.50.

The Office of Residence Life and Housing suggests that students who need to get to Syracuse use the Downtown bus. Center buses run from Oswego to Syracuse making stops along the way in Fulton, Phoenix and Liverpool. Popular stops on this route include the Clay shopping area, Destiny USA in Syracuse and the Regional Transportation Center where students can connect to other bus and train services.

The fair reduced cost of a Centro bus ticket is $2, cash only, one way. The reduced rate requires a SUNY Oswego student ID and Student Association sticker.

For students traveling long distances without a car, the Office of Residence Life and Housing suggests connecting through Syracuse and then traveling by bus, train or plane. Hancock International is the nearest airport, while RTC is the main departure point for trains and buses. Both centers are about an hour away from SUNY Oswego.

More information about transportation options can be found at


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