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Nearly 55 million Americans, including 1.5 million Washingtonians, are expected to travel for the Thanksgiving holiday, the third busiest on record. The five-day period lasts between Wednesday, November 23 and Sunday, November 27.

“I think people who maybe didn’t travel last Thanksgiving because of the spikes in COVID are finally visiting family and friends for this particular holiday,” AAA spokeswoman Kelly Just said.

Heavy traffic and crowded airports are expected for Thanksgiving travel

This may explain why Thanksgiving travel is up this year.

So will people drive or fly to their destination?

“Indeed, most people will drive to their destinations, but Washington is a little bit different in that we will actually be above pre-pandemic levels for air travel,” Just said.

That’s likely due to gas prices, according to Just. Washingtonians are doing the math and comparing the cost of putting gas in their vehicles versus flying.

Expect Wednesday to be the busiest travel day on the roads and at the airports as everyone tries to get to their Thanksgiving destinations. If you plan to drive on Wednesday, leave before 8:00 a.m. or after 8:00 p.m. If neither is ideal, try leaving early on Thanksgiving morning, depending on how far you have to travel.

Here are some tips to make your trip easier:

  1. Take alternative transportation to the airport.
  2. Drop off at arrivals and board for check-in at Sea-Tac Airport.
  3. Avoid checking in your bag.
  4. To avoid long TSA lines, download the SEA app and register for Spot Saver, which will save you a spot in the security line.
  5. Register with AAA. No, seriously, if your trip goes sideways at the airport and you need to rebook a canceled flight or car rental, AAA customer service can handle it at no cost to you.

Expect delays wherever you go, and most importantly, have a safe and thankful Thanksgiving holiday.

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