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If you are traveling outside of your home country, the importance of carrying universal travel adapters is critical. These adapters come with multiple plugs and allow you to charge your electronic devices hassle-free. Until a few years ago, travel adapters were strictly limited to conventional AC outlets. But if you often use USB Type-C accessories, it’s time to switch to travel adapters with dedicated USB Type-C ports.

The best travel adapters with USB-C ports

These travel adapters look just like any other adapter, except they include a nifty USB Type-C port on the side. It allows you to directly charge your tablet, phone, headphones and laptop. Of course, this saves the space needed for dedicated adapters.

Travel adapters with USB Type-C ports are slightly more expensive than their conventional counterparts. However, they allow you to refuel your electronic items quickly and quickly. Win-win, we’d say.

So, if you have upcoming plans to travel outside your home country, here are the best travel adapters with UBS-C ports that you can buy. But first,

1. Tessan European Travel Plug Adapter

If you want a Europe-only travel plug, the Tessan is your best bet. It has a flat design and you can easily carry it in your travel organizer or laptop bag. It is affordable and one of the least expensive items out there. It comes with a USB Type-C port and 2 USB-A ports. This selection gives you enough space to charge your modern devices without any problems.

At the same time, the 4 American standard power outlets complete the circle. All shots have enough space in between. This travel adapter has a maximum capacity of 2500W and works in the voltage range of 110V – 240V. Make sure not to power high-powered items like hair dryers or shavers, and it will last a long time.

It’s a reliable adapter and works as advertised in most of Europe, and several users have backed this claim in their reviews. Users love its versatile port layout and the smart design it brings to the table. Take away all the cables and you can use devices like laptops, smartphones and tablets like a charm.

2. Epicka Universal Travel Adapter

The Epicka Universal Travel Adapter is the one for you if you want a future-proof travel adapter that you can carry around the world. Yes, no joke! It comes with 4 different plugs and is compatible with US, European and Australian plugs. All you have to do is slide the button, and that’s it. And well, the buttons are correctly labeled.

The highlight of this USB Type-C travel adapter is its 4 USB Type-A ports. Of course, you can charge low-power devices like headphones, smartwatches, and fitness trackers. However, you won’t get 100W PD on the USB Type-C port. Instead, you’ll get a maximum of 15W. This will offer a decent speed for charging your phone and tablet. If not, you can always grab a GaN charger for your trip.

It has all the safety features in place. The Epicka travel adapter comes with double fuse and safety shutters. The latter is especially important if you are traveling with curious young children. However, it only has one power outlet. Note that it does not support Type D (India, Nepal), Type M (South Africa) or Type H (Israel) plugs.

The Epicka Travel Adapter is very popular on Amazon and users love its power and charging quality. It is not without limitations. For one, you only have access to one power outlet, and you’ll have to rely heavily on USB Type-C and USB Type-A ports.

3. Tessan Universal Travel Adapter

Another travel adapter that you can use on your travels is Tessan’s. This international plug adapter from Tessan is compatible with various power sockets, including European Type C, UK Type G and Australian Type I (among others). Like the previous one, it’s a standard 6-in-1 adapter and includes 4 USB-A ports and a single AC power jack and USB Type-C. Again, it’s the one if you mostly use USB Type-C devices and can do with the slightly slow charging speed.

It is compact and measures about 2.8 inches at most. This means you can easily tuck it inside your travel cable organizer bag along with your cables. There are no protruding tips, which is a good thing as you don’t run the risk of scratching your other items. You will have to scroll the respective country buttons when necessary.

The Tessan travel adapter is incompatible with power plugs in South America or India. However, if you’re traveling to Europe or Australia and need a versatile travel adapter, you can’t go wrong with this one.

It is not expensive and has a durable construction. It has a maximum power of up to 2500 W.

4. Ceptics World Travel Adapter Kit

The Ceptics travel adapter kit is more expensive than its previous counterparts. But it gives you the benefit of two power outlets, two USB Type-C ports, two USB-A ports, and a dedicated USB Type-C cable. Yes, no joke. But the feature that helps this travel adapter stand out from the crowd is the USB Type-C PD ports. These USB Type-C ports can provide up to 18W of power and should charge your smartphone quickly.

Another worthy mention are the two 3.6A USB-A ports. Using these, you can easily power low-power devices. All the ports have enough space in between and you shouldn’t have any trouble plugging in any cables or adapters. And the same can be said about power outlets.

Most importantly, the Ceptics World Travel Adapter Kit is compatible with most global plugs. Works with 7 different types including Australian and European plugs. Unlike the previous ones, you will need to insert a necessary plug into the adapter.

The Ceptics World Travel Adapter Kit is highly recommended by its user base. People love its user-friendly nature and its reliable and durable design. If you want a versatile travel adapter with USB Type-C ports, this is a good choice.

5. Zendure Passport II Pro

The Zendure Passport II Pro is an expensive USB Type-C travel adapter. The highlight of this adapter is the 61W USB Type-C PD port. Of course, this allows you to charge your smartphones, tablets and MacBook Air (and some MacBook Pro) directly. For now, it comes with 2 USB Type-C ports and 3 USB-A ports and an AC outlet. Interestingly, it has a maximum power of 1000W.

It supports plugs from several countries, including China and Japan. The design of the travel adapter is almost similar to some of the ones on this list. To plug in, slide the right knob out and you’re good to go.

The Zendure Passport II Pro is less popular than some of its previous counterparts, mainly because of its high price. It has received several positive reviews, and users like its simplicity, maximum power and the fact that it can power your laptop without relying on a dedicated power adapter. One less item to take on your travels. Great, right?

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Traveling can be fun with all the different sights and experiences (and food). And while you’re at it, you need to make sure your gadgets, whether it’s a simple smartphone, a power bank or your tablet) are fully charged.

Please note that these travel adapters with USB Type-C ports are strictly adapters. They are not voltage converters.


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