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Regardless of whether it’s a jacket, shirt, or pants, a piece of travel clothing must combine four important attributes to be worthy of a place in your suitcase: versatility, packability, performance/function, and appearance.

It has to look and perform well, of course, but the ability to pack reasonably small and be wearable on more than one occasion is also a big plus for us. There may be cases where a bulky, one-dimensional item is worth carrying, but probably not many.

With those criteria in place, here are some travel outfit recommendations as you shop for gifts this holiday season (in no particular order):

Jack Wolfskin Routeburn Pro Insulated Jacket

The best for: Travel in cold weather

A common dilemma for travelers heading to colder climates is trying to figure out how to pack efficiently and light while still feeling prepared for the cooler temperatures. Fall and winter clothes tend to take up more space, forcing you to make tough decisions like whether to wear that real winter jacket or skip it in favor of more compact layers.

Jack Wolfskin’s new jacket makes things easy. Weighing in at just 3/4 pound, it’s an ultralight option that shrinks down to the size of a Nalgene (or smaller if you really fit it). It features an abrasion-resistant polyester fabric that offers the durability you need when you travel. It’s also windproof and its synthetic insulation will keep you warm even if the jacket gets wet. Priced at $170, it’s a value travel buy that can double as your everyday winter jacket at home.

Mountain Hardwear HiCamp Collection

The best for: Mountain Paths

Mountain Hardwear’s HiCamp collection offers a variety of cool-weather solutions for layering in the shoulder season or during elevation gains, including a hoodie, sweater and vest that can be worn as a mid or top layer.

Stylish and surprisingly warm, they can be worn in a variety of situations, from the hiking trail to a casual dinner, and can even serve as a replacement for a proper jacket when going out on the town. Soft and cozy, you may even find yourself wanting to relax in them by the fire.

Everything can be packed in your suitcase when it serves as your primary top layers. But since fleece tends to be a bit heavy, they’re best suited for weekend getaways or road trips, where weight isn’t as much of a concern.

Oros Veer pants

Best for: General trips in autumn, winter and spring

If you’re still packing denim jeans in your suitcase, you need a reality check: not only are they extremely heavy, they don’t perform well when wet (ie rain/snow) and lack versatility (casual situations only). .

Travelers with a mixed agenda should consider something like the Oros Veer Pant ($129). We love them because they can be used in a variety of situations. Both wind and water resistant and made mostly of stretchy/flexible nylon, you can rely on them as a pant for all-day walking around town or, in a pinch, on the hiking trail. Plus, you wouldn’t look underdressed if you wore them to dinner. They’re also insulated, keeping you warm on late-night walks back to your hotel.

SAXX Hydro Aquatic Underwear

The best for: Beach destinations

A common problem for men is that many shorts and bathing suits come without inner lining, requiring them to wear underwear underneath their suits. While this adds extra support, it can also be uncomfortable. Cotton underwear does not dry quickly, resulting in chafing and dampness that can last for hours.

The ever-innovative SAXX released the perfect remedy this year in the form of their Hydro Aquatic underwear ($36). Made from ultra-light, quick-drying, quick-draining micromesh, they’re designed to be worn under swimwear and dry quickly, providing support in the water and letting you get on with the day. , walk through the city, without feeling unpleasant below. A gift designed for anyone who spends a lot of time around the water.

Merino wool travel shirts

The best for: General trips

Travel calls for a pair of t-shirts to be worn anytime, anywhere. Since most guys already own many, many t-shirts, we tend to throw a few in the bag and you don’t think twice about it. But check the label: If you’re packing cotton t-shirts, you’re carrying extra weight, and you’re also using a material known to absorb moisture and odors.

Instead of cotton, try a shirt made from merino wool. You’ll feel that they’re lighter than cotton and after a wear or two, they don’t absorb as much odor and can be worn for days at a time. They pack small and save space in your suitcase, and most are solid colors, allowing you to match anywhere.

Socks from the farm to the feet

The best for: General trips

While we’re talking about merino wool and its benefits, let’s move on to another part of the body, undoubtedly the most important when traveling: your feet.

When your feet are wet, cold or tired, everything else follows. We’ve all been there, roaming the city streets for a day and returning to our hotel room in the afternoon feeling completely exhausted. When you travel, it is very important to take care of your feet.

The choice of footwear is important, but so is the selection of socks. Farm to Feet socks are 100% made in America and offer elite comfort through compression and cushioning. Made from a blend of merino wool, spandex and nylon, they’ll keep your feet warm and dry in all conditions and come in a variety of colors and designs.

Specialty socks are one of those things that you have to try to understand, but once you do, there’s no going back. Grab a pair ($21) for the traveler in your life to keep them comfortable on the go.

Smartwool x Grateful Dead Collection

The best for: Outdoor adventures

If you’ve got a traveler on your list who needs help staying warm and stylish, you might have some Smartwool items on your radar. After all, they have a variety of gear and a reputation as one of the best outdoor clothing brands out there. Well, good news: They have something new this holiday season, a special partnership with one of the most iconic bands of all time.

The Grateful Dead and Smartwool have teamed up to release a limited-time branded apparel line that combines the reliability of Smartwool gear with the classic Grateful Dead artistic style. The release comes as the Grateful Dead (now known as Dead & Co.) prepare for their final year of touring in 2023.

The new designs will appear on many Smartwool products, including socks, hats, jerseys and base layers. All have the reliability we know and love from Smartwool, with the colorful style that made Dead a lasting legacy.


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