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Oppo is the most popular smartphone brand that has made a big impact in the UK market this year, releasing flagship phones like the Find X5 Pro and the Reno 8. We’re Check out the best Oppo phones and some. noteworthy alternative.

We have tested some of the best Oppo phones this year and found smartphone buyers to be more interested in Oppo as a brand. Now, we are putting its best smartphones under the microscope to help you find the right choice for you.

Read on for our complete guide to the best Oppo smartphones available to buy in 2022.

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The best Oppo phones to buy in 2022

The best Oppo phone: Oppo Find X5 Pro

Oppo Find x5 Pro camera package

Find X5 Pro is Oppo’s latest flagship of the line. This is the phone that Oppo has chosen to show what it can really do as a brand – and the result is very good. However, it is still very expensive. After all, there is a price to pay for high performance. In this case, it’s a staggering £1,049.

In our full review of the Oppo Find X5 Pro, we noted the phone’s heavy and powerful internals, as well as praising its excellent display. The design is the same, and we found the battery to be reliable, even with intensive use.

If you have the budget, this is the best Oppo phone out there, but it’s worth considering the competition between Samsung and OnePlus. Read on to learn more about these types of changes, or check out the links below.

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The best mid-range Oppo phone: Oppo Reno 8 Pro

Oppo Reno 8 Pro

The latest addition to Oppo’s line-up of smartphones is the Reno 8 Pro, which was announced at the end of August. It has good performance, a bright OLED screen and an eye-catching display – all at a slightly cheaper price than the Oppo Find X5 Pro.

This phone is especially focused on productivity, according to Oppo, so it has a good camera. The shooting center of the Oppo Reno 8 Pro in particular represents a half-hit. It can capture 4K video and uses MariSilicon X image processing that makes all your photos pop with color and definition.

The Oppo Reno 8 Pro is available at a range of UK retailers, online and in-store. If you buy the Reno 8 Pro before 28 September, you’ll also get an Oppo Pad Air tablet worth £239 for free.

The best Oppo phone: Oppo A96

Oppo A96

The Oppo A Series has many budget-friendly Oppo phones – and now, the A96 sits atop that category. It’s still good value though, and at the time of writing, it’s discounted from £229 to just £135 at Very.

If there is a large battery 5000mAh and 33W SuperVooc fast charging to help you stay awake, plus there is a 90Hz refresh rate display. That’s not the top of the range today, but it’s still the best of the great phones – Google Pixel 6a, for example.

The best Oppo Alternatives

If you’re still not sure if you’ve found the right phone for you, check out these reviews for the Oppo phones listed above.

Another flagship: Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

If you’re in the market for the ultimate beast of a phone but the Oppo Find X5 hasn’t won you over, the Samsung S22 Ultra could be your next port of call. It comes with a staggering £1,149 RRP but has the specs and performance to back that up. Read our full Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra review, or check out pricing and availability at the link below.

Buy Samsung S22 Ultra | From £1,149 at Samsung

Alternative in the middle: Google Pixel 6a / Google Pixel 6

Google Pixel 6a

If you want something a little more budget-friendly that still has a good range of specs, the Google Pixel 6 and 6a are two good options. The 6a is a little cheaper but a little lower in terms of power and performance, too.

Take a look at our full Google Pixel 6a review for more information or check out the links below for the latest pricing and availability.

Buy Google Pixel 6a | £399 each £388.49 (save £10.51 or 3%) on Amazon

Buy Google Pixel 6 | £599 each £440.38 (save £158.62 or 26%) on Amazon

Other budget: Moto G62

The Motorola G62 has 5G connectivity, battery and 120Hz display for just £199.99. That makes it an interesting competitor in the budget smartphone shake-up.

For more information on the G62, read our full Motorola G62 review or check out the latest pricing and availability at the link below.

Buy Motorola G62 | £199.99 each £179.99 (save £20 or 10%) on Amazon

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